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People's Daily reports our university’s examples of international education and training in agricultural machinery
Date:2022/05/18 | View:

On May 8, People's Daily reported our university’s remarkable achievement in promoting international education in agricultural machinery, and introduced example of our school’s Professor Wei Shengli carrying out international education and training in agricultural machinery, which was titled as "In this classroom, I have gained a lot" reported on the third page of People's Daily.


In April 2022School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering provided training course on tractor power and chassis systems for the "China-Africa Friendship" Chinese Government Scholarship Agricultural Technology Trainee. And more than 50 participants from Kenya, Zambia, Ghana and other African countries participated in the whole process through a combination of online and offline.

In the refresher courses undertaken by our school, the modern agricultural power machinery structure and principle, engine disassembly and assembly practice were undertaken by teachers such as Wei Shengli and Zhang Dengpan from our school. And the tractor design and use, the overall structure of the chassis, the working device and suspension system, and the new technology application courses of tractors were undertaken by Sun Dong, Nie Jiamei, Yu Yingxiao, Li Aoxue and Zhao Menglong. The use and maintenance of agricultural vehicle power and chassis were responsible for teachers such as Zhao Menglong from the Department of Agricultural Machinery of Jiangsu Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry.





In this training course, the lecturers from our school systematically explained the knowledge and technology related to agricultural tractors, the development process and status of tractor technology in China. During the teaching process, the teacher stimulated the students' enthusiasm for learning, which deepened the understanding of knowledge points, and strengthened the memory of difficult points by means of group discussion and case analysis. Some of the trainees also shared their own personal stories in the process of national construction of tractors and agricultural mechanization, which triggered heated discussions and in-depth thinking among the teaching students, achieving good teaching results. This training is a practical measure for our school to actively promote the school's "095 Project", which has also made positive contributions to promoting China-Africa educational cooperation, strengthening China-Africa friendship and promoting the construction of the "Belt and Road".



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