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Automotive Engineering Research Institute of Jiangsu University
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  The Automotive Engineering Research Institute of Jiangsu University is a full-time scientific research institute, which is affiliated to the school of automotive and traffic engineering, the institute takes advantage of feature doctor station disciplines of vehicle engineering, power machinery and engineering, traffic engineering; and shares the resources of scientific research institutes set in the school: Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Automotive Engineering, Jiangsu key laboratory for new technology application of road vehicle, Jiangsu Research Center for Small and Medium Power I.C. Engines, Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Clean Energy and Application on Power Machinery, Jiangsu Centre for Biodiesel Power Machinery Application Engineering. “Facing the independent innovation demand of the national automotive industry, facing the development strategy of the key disciplines in the school, facing the high level innovative talent training” as the guiding ideology, “promoting innovative ability, strengthening discipline characteristics, expanding social impact” as the development goal, talent team from both inside and outside school gather to carry out research on reserve type, research-based type and achievement conversion type centering on the forefront and basic theory in the vehicle engineering field, the new technology of the whole vehicle and key components, the technical question of enterprise badly in need of solving, and independent innovative scientific research base and talent training base of domestic advanced level in vehicle engineering field are built.

  The major research directions presently carried out by the automotive engineering research institute are:
  1) Vehicle electronic control technology: researches on the electronic control theory and technology contributing to improving vehicle comprehensive performance are carried out.
  2) New energy vehicle: research on the key technology of environmental friendly vehicle primarily driven by electric and hybrid electric is carried out.
  3) Vehicle digital design and advanced manufacturing technology: researches on the high-precision CAE simulation technology and advanced manufacturing technology facing the vehicle products development are carried out.
  4) Vehicle NVH and testing technology: researches on noise production and noise propagation mechanisms, the control method and engineering measures of vehicle vibration noise are carried out, and advanced vehicle testing technology and equipment are developed.
  5) Modern transportation technology: researches on theory and technology of efficient and safe “person-car-road-environment” coordination control are carried out.

  The automotive engineering research institute is carrying out an array of national, provincial or ministerial subjects and enterprise-commissioned projects, moreover, the institute has established “XCMG Group & Jiangsu University Engineering Technology Research Institute” with XCMG Group, and has signed up an industry, academe and research cooperation contract with Chery Auto Co., Ltd, including constructing the automotive research institute and carrying out the projects of automotive technical research in the future and so on, besides, the cooperation on industry, academe and research with some domestic auto and components enterprises is carried forward steadily and successively. The institute also has a batch of Ph.D. and postgraduate at reading presently.

  During the twelfth five-year-plan period, the automotive engineering institute gets a full-time research team of nearly 40 members by talent introduction and self-education, a batch of famous experts and scholars at home and abroad are invited to be part-time professors and guest researcher, and the scale of postgraduates will get to nearly 100 members. The institute endeavours to make a number of scientific research achievements of high-level and significant impact, and set up a scientific research team composed of research leading talent and outstanding young and middle-aged academic backbones, making positive attribution to constructing national-level scientific research bases and national-level key discipline in vehicle engineering field.

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