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Process of students to study abroad in Jiangsu University
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  Students in Jiangsu University studying or working abroad are coordinated by the International Office and managed by the Dean’s Office, the Graduate School, the Student’s Office, the College (Institute, Research Centre) and other departments.

  1) Project Notice: The International Office publishes project information project brief, application requirements, process and time node, contact person and contact information. Students browse the project website to get the detailed information of relevant curriculum, time arrangement, credit, accommodation and insurance expense. Students who want to apply for a project need to prepare for materials according to the requirements of the project.

  2) Selection and Recommendation: Student submits application materials to college. College reviews student’s qualification and submits the recommender to the International Office. The International Office with the Dean’s Office or the Student’s Office review qualification and organize experts to review (such as written test, interview) and publicize the results of the review. Qualified students submit the full application materials (paper version, electronic version) to the International Office on time and the materials will be delivered to the item side. After receiving the admission information, admitted students sign the agreement International Change Programs at Jiangsu University in the International Office and receive the admission materials.

  3) Preparation: The admitted students connect with the item side and consult the revenant information about the courses, life and others. They need to handle procedures about keeping the registration, other school’s related procedures and procedures for going abroad.

  4) Credit transfer: After the communication study, students return to school and hold the report card and related certificates to process the credit transfer and submit overseas study reports in two weeks.

  Chinese-foreign cooperatively educational program
  1. To bid for Chinese-foreign cooperatively educational program should be declared a year before the formal opening.

  2. The following documents should be submitted to the International Office in applying for Chinese-foreign cooperatively educational program:
  (1) Application form of Chinese-foreign cooperatively educational program formulated by the Ministry of Education.
  (2) Application report should contain: Chinese and foreign cooperators’ name, the name of program, training target, training plan, scale and level of the program, educational form, educational condition, the system of managing project, fund raising and management, etc.
  (3) The cooperation agreement signed with foreign education institutions should include these contents: the name of the program, the name of Chinese and foreign cooperator, domicile, legal representative, the principle and the training goal, content and cooperation term, the amount of each part ‘s investment, mode and period of payment, rights, obligations and the method of dispute resolution, etc.
  The cooperation agreement shall be signed by their respective legal representatives or their authorized persons (seal) in the name of the Jiangsu University and Chinese and foreign cooperators. The specific content of the cooperation agreement shall be jointly agreed by the relevant institutes (institutes, center) and international cooperation and exchanges. The agreement is written in both Chinese and English and each version shall have the same content.
  (4)Certificate of Foreign institute qualification.
  (5) certificate of capital verification (assets, capital investment)
  (6)Sample of diplomas issued by foreign education institutions
  (7)Endowment agreement and related certificates (donations).
  (8)If foreign education institutions has other Chinese-foreign educational cooperation project such as in mainland China before cooperating with our school should be submitted to the assessment report organized by original approval agency or the social intermediary organizations entrusted assessment report.

  Joint program
  1. The relevant institutes (institutes、centers) should report to the International Office six months in advance and complete the project negotiation under the guidance of the International Office.
  2. The application for a joint program should submit documents to the International Office: refer to the (2)-(7) inChinese-foreign cooperatively educational program

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