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Wang Feng
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Wang   Feng




Professional Title

Associated   Professor


Automotive   Engineering Research Institute of Jiangsu University




Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2009.9-2014.12),Vehicle   Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University

B.E.(2004.9-2008.6), Vehicle   Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Working Experience

2016.5-2019.12, Associated   Professor,   School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University

Teaching Courses

Analysis of electric   vehicle system.

Motor drive and   control technology

Automobile energy   saving technology

Research Fields

1. Transmission technology of   complex electromechanical coupling system

2.Intelligent techniques in powetrain   system

3. Energy management   and coordinated control of hybrid electric vehicle

Selected Publications

[1] Wang, F., Zhang,   J., Xu X. New method for power allocation of multi-power sources considering   speed-up transient vibration of planetary power-split HEV driveline system.   Mech. Syst. Signal Process. 128(C) (2019) 1-18.

[2]Wang, F., Zhang,   J., Xu X. A comprehensive dynamic efficiency-enhanced energy management   strategy for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Appl. Energ. 247(8) (2019)   657-669.

[3]Wang, F., Zhang,   J., Xu X. New teeth surface and back (TSB) modification method for transient   vibration suppression of planetary gear powertrain for an electric vehicle.   Mech. Mach. Theroy. 140C (2019) 520-537.

[4]Wang, F., Xu, X.,   Fang, Z. D. New method with experimental validation for power transmission   process analysis on herringbone gear train system. Int. J. Acoust. Vib. 22(4)   (2017) 519-535.

[5]Wang, F., Xu, X.,   Fang, Z., Chen, L. Design and analysis of herringbone gear with sixth-order   transmission error based on meshing vibration optimization. Adv. Mech. Eng.   9(6) (2017) 1-12.

[6]Wang, F., Xu, X.,   Fang, Z., Chen, L. Study of the influence mechanism of pitch deviation on   cylindrical helical gear meshing stiffness and vibration noise. Adv. Mech.   Eng. 9(9) (2017) 1-9.

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