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Chen Long
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Chen   Long



Professional Title

Professor, Ph.D.Supervisor


Automotive Engineering   Research   Institute




Short Biography

Education   Background

Ph.D.(2002.9-2006.12),Vehicle   Engineering,   Jiangsu University

B.E.(1978.9-1982.6),   Agriculture   Machinery, Jiangsu University

Working   Experience

2008.6-2018.9   Vice-president of   Jiangsu University

2007.3-2008.5   Director of Science and Technology   Department, Jiangsu University

1998.3-2007.2   Vice-president and Dean   of Jingjiang College, Jiangsu University

1993.5-1998.2   Deputy mayor      of Jurong city, Jiangsu Province

1988.1-1997.6   Vice director and Director   of Automobile Tractor Teaching and Research   Office, Jiangsu University of   Science and Technology (Jiangsu   University)

1982.6-1987.12   Teaching assistant and   lecturer of Agricultural Machinery, Jiangsu   Institute of Technology(Jiangsu   University)

Teaching Courses

Graduate courses:

(1)     Vehicle chassis structure and principle

(2)     Transportation engineering frontier lecture

(3)     Advanced transportation engineering

(4)   Transportation systems engineering

Research Fields

(1) Vehicle dynamic performance   simulation and control

(2) Driving Safety of On-road Vehicles   & active control   technique and theory

(3) Electric vehicle and intelligent   vehicle technology

(4) Traffic safety and management

(5) Logistics technology

(6) Vehicle transportation planning   and management

Selected Publications

1.      Shi DH     Pisu P Chen L* Wang SH Wang RG. Control   design and fuel economy investigation   of power split HEV with energy   regeneration of suspension[J]. APPLIED   ENERGY 2016182:576-589.(SCIIF=7.900)

2.      Xiong XX     Chen L* Liang   J. A New Framework of Vehicle Collision Prediction by   Combining SVM   and HMM[J]. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation   Systems201819(3):699-710. (SCIIF=4.051)

3.      Sun XQ     Cai YF Wang SH Xu X Chen L*. Piecewise   Affine Identification of Tire   Longitudinal Properties for Autonomous Driving   Control Based on   Data-Driven[J]. IEEE Access20186:47424-47432.   (SCI IF=3.557)

4.      Chen T     Chen L* Cai YF Xu X. Robust sideslip angle observer     with regional stability constraint for an uncertain singular   intelligent   vehicle system[J]. IET Control Theory and Applications201812(13):1802-1811.   (SCI IF=3.296)

5.      Shi DH*     Chen L Wang RC Jiang HB   Shen YJ. Design and experiment   study of a semi-active energy-regenerative   suspension system[J]. Smart   Materials and Structures201524(1):   015001. (SCI IF=2.963)

6.      Shen YJ     Chen L* Yang XF Shi DH Yang J. Improved   design of dynamic vibration absorber by   using the inerter and its application   in vehicle suspension[J].   Journal of Sound and Vibration2016361:148-158.   (SCIIF=2.618)

7.      Chen T Chen L* Xu X Cai YF     Jiang HB Sun XQ.   Estimation of Longitudinal Force and Sideslip Angle for   Intelligent   Four-Wheel Independent Drive Electric Vehicles by Observer   Iteration   and Information Fusion[J]. Sensors201818(4):1268.     (SCI   IF=2.475)

8.      Sun XQ*     Cai YF Chen L Liu YL Wang SH. Vehicle   height and posture control of the   electronic air suspension system using the   hybrid system approach[J].   Vehicle System Dynamics201654(3):328-352.   (SCI IF=2.406)

9.      Chen L*     Shi DH Wang RC Zhou HW. Energy Conservation Analysis     and Control of Hybrid Active Semiactive Suspension with Three   Regulating   Damping Levels[J]. Shock and Vibration2016:1-14. (SCIIF=1.857)

10.    Chen L*     Liu CN Liu W Nie JM Shen YJ     Chen GT. Network synthesis and parameter optimization for vehicle suspension     with inerter[J]. Advances in Mechanical Engineering20179(1):   1687814016684704. (SCIIF=0.848)


(1)     Young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in     Jiangsu Province

(2)   Jiangsu Province "six talents peak program" subsidized     scholar

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