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Xiaobo Chen
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Xiaobo Chen



Professional Title

Associate Professor


Automotive Engineering Research   Institute




Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2009.9-2013.6), School   of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Science &   Technology

M.S. (2004.9-2007.6), School of Computer Science   and Telecommunication Engineering, Jiangsu University

B.E.(2000.9-2004.6), School of   Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering, Jiangsu University

Working Experience

2015.4—present Associate   Professor, Automobile Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2015.4—2017.7 postdoc, BRIC   lab, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH)

Teaching Courses

Intelligent transportation   system

Research Fields

Intelligent transportation   system, machine learning, artificial intelligence

Selected Publications

[1] Xiao-bo Chen, Cheng Chen, Lei   Chen, Zhong-jie Wei, Ying-feng Cai, Jun-jie Zhou, Interpolation method of   traffic volume missing data based on improved low-rank matrix completion,   Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, 19(5):180-190, 2019 (EI)

[2] Xiaobo Chen, Yingfeng Cai, Qiaolin   Ye, Lei Chen, Zuoyong Li. Graph Regularized Local Self-Representation for Missing   Value Imputation with Applications to On-Road Traffic Sensor Data,   Neurocomputing 303: 47-59, 2018 (SCI IF:3.317)

[3] Xiaobo Chen, Cheng Chen, Yingfeng   Cai, Hai Wang, Qiaolin Ye.Kernel Sparse Representation with Hybrid   Regularization for On-Road Traffic Sensor Data Imputation. Sensors 18(9):   2884, 2018 (SCI)

[4] Xiaobo Chen, Yingfeng Cai,   Qingchao Liu, Lei Chen, Nonconvex lp-norm Regularized Sparse   Self-Representation for Traffic Sensor Data Recovery, IEEE Access 6:   24279-24290, 2018 (SCI IF:3.2)

[5] Xiaobo Chen, Xinwen Cai, Jun   Liang, Qingchao Liu. Ensemble Learning Multiple LSSVR with Improved Harmony   Search Algorithm for Short-term Traffic Flow Forecasting, IEEE Access 6:   9347-93572018 (SCI IF:3.2)

[6] Xiaobo Chen, Zhongjie Wei, Zuoyong   Li, Jun Liang, Yingfeng Cai. Ensemble Correlation-based Low-rank Matrix   Completion with Application to Traffic Data Imputation, Knowledge-Based   Systems, 132 249-262, 2017 (SCI IF:4.529)

[7] Xiaobo Chen, Zhongjie Wei, Xiang   Liu, Yingfeng Cai, Zuoyong Li, Feng Zhao. Spatiotemporal Variable and   Parameter Selection Using Sparse Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Traffic Flow   Forecasting, International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks,   13(6):1-14, 2017 (SCI IF:1.239)

[8] Xiaobo Chen, Han Zhang, Dinggang   Shen. Hierarchical High-Order Functional Connectivity Networks and Selective   Feature Fusion for MCI Classification, Neuroinformatics 15(3):271-284, 2017   (SCI IF:3.2)

[9] Xiaobo Chen, Han Zhang, Lichi   Zhang, Celina Shen, Seong-Whan Lee, Dinggang Shen. Extraction of dynamic functional   connectivity from brain grey matter and white matter for MCI classification,   Human Brain Mapping 38(10):5019-5034, 2017 (SCI IF:4.53)

[10] Xiao-bo CHEN, Xiang LIU,   Zhong-jie WEI, Jun Liang, Ying-feng CAI, Long Chen. Short-term Traffic Flow   Forecasting of Road Network Based on GA-LSSVR Model, Journal of   Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology 17(1):60-66,   2017 (EI)


Best paper award,   Asian Conference on Pattern Recognition (ACPR), 2017

Best student paper   award, Chinese Conference on Pattern Recognition (CCPR), 2010

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