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Li Yicheng
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 Li Yicheng



Professional Title



Automotive Engineering Research   Institute




Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2014.9-2018.6),Transportation   Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology

M.S. ( 2011.9-2014.6) , Intelligent Transportation   Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology

Working Experience

2018.8-, Professor, School of   Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University

Teaching Courses

Intelligent Connected Vehicles

Research Fields

Intelligent vehicles; Accurate   Localization;

Selected Publications

[1] Li Yicheng, Hu Z., Huang G., et al. Image sequence matching using both   holistic and local features for loop closure detection [J], IEEE Access,   2017, 5: 13835-13846. (SCIIF=3.56JCR Q1)

[2] Li Y, Hu Z, Li Z, et al. A single-shot pose estimation   approach for a 2D laser rangefinder[J]. Measurement Science and Technology,   2019, 31(2): 025105. (SCIIF=1.81)

[3] Li Yicheng, Hu Z., and Hu Y. Vision-based vehicle   localization using Bayesian topological model and hybrid K-nearest neighbors   [C], Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting.   Washing D.C: TRB, 2017: No 17-3371.

[4] Hu Z., Li Yicheng*, Li N., et   al. Extrinsic calibration of 2D laser rangefinder and camera from single-shot   based on minimal solution [J], IEEE Transaction on Instrumentation and   Measurement, 2016, 64 (4): 915-929. (SCIIF=2.79JCR Q1 )

[5] Li Yicheng, Hu Z., Li Z., et al.   Multi-scale site matching for vision-only self-localization   of intelligent vehicles [J]. IEEE Intelligent Transportation System   Magazine, 2018, 10(3): 170-183. (SCIIF=3.02JCR Q1 )

[6] Li Yicheng, Hu Z., Hu   Y., et al. Integration of vision and topological self-localization for   intelligent vehicles [J], Mechatronics, 2018, 51(3): 46-58. (SCIIF=2.42JCR Q1 )

[7] Li Yicheng, Hu Z., and   Hu Y. Fast self-localization of autonomous vehicles   from visual map [C], The 4th   International Conference on Transportation Information and Safety IEEE, 2017:   1003-1008. (EI).


1. National Natural Science   Foundation of China (61906076),

2. Natural Science Foundation of   Jiangsu Province (BK20190853),

3. China Postdoctoral Science   Foundation (2018M642181)

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