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Liu Liang
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 Liu Liang



Professional Title

Associate professor


Automotive Engineering Research   Institute




Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2008.9-2012.10), Doctor   of nano–chemistry, University of Science and Technology of China

M.S. ( 2006.9-2008.7) , Master of Applied   Chemistry, Jiangnan University

B.E.( 2002.9-2006.6), Bachelor   of Chemical Engineering& Technology, Jiangnan University

Working Experience

2018.5 - Present, Associate   professor,   School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University

2013.1   - 2018.4, Assistant Professor, School of Automotive   and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University

Teaching Courses

·                                   Vehicle safety,   Power battery technology, Electrochemistry and battery technology

Research Fields

Lithium battery systems:   lithium-ion batteries, all solid-state lithium batteries and potassium-ion   batteries.

Selected Publications

[5] L. Liu, Q. Liu, W. Zhao, G. Li, L. Wang, W.   Shi, L. Chen, enhanced   Electrochemical Performance of Orientated VO2(B) Raft-like   Nanobelt Arrays through Direct Lithiation for Lithium Ion Batteries, Nanotechnology,   28 (2017) 065404.

[4] G. Li, W. Zhao, L. Liu, L. Chen, Effects   of electrolyte concentration and synthesis methods of sulfur/carbon   composites on the electrochemical performance in lithium–sulfur batteries,   RSC Adv., 5 (2015) 54293-54300.

[3] T. Yao, L. Liu (Co-first author), C.   Xiao, X. Zhang, Q. Liu, S. Wei, Y. Xie, Ultrathin nanosheets of half-metallic   monoclinic vanadium dioxide with a thermally induced phase transition, Angew.   Chem. Int. Ed., 52 (2013) 7554-7558.

[2] L. Liu, T. Yao, X. Tan, Q. Liu, Z. Wang,   D. Shen, Z. Sun, S. Wei, Y. Xie, Room-temperature   intercalation-deintercalation strategy towards VO2(B) single layers with   atomic thickness, Small, 8 (2012) 3752-3756.

[1] L. Liu, F. Cao, T. Yao, Y. Xu, M. Zhou,   B. Qu, B. Pan, C. Wu, S. Wei, Y. Xie, New-phase VO2 micro/nanostructures:   investigation of phase transformation and magnetic property, New J. Chem., 36   (2012) 619-625.

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