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Yuan Chaochun
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Yuan Chaochun



Professional Title

Professor, Ph.D.Supervisor


Automotive Engineering   Research   Institute




Short Biography

Education   Background

Ph.D.(2002.9-2007.12),Vehicle   Engineering,   Jiangsu University

B.E.(1996.9-2000.6),   Packaging engineering, Jiangsu University

Working   Experience

2010.7-        Vice   director of Automotive Engineering Research  Institute, Jiangsu   University

2007.6-2010.6    Teaching assistant, lecturer of department of transportation engineering,   Jiangsu University

Teaching Courses

Undergraduate   course and graduate courses:

(1)     Electronic control of vehicle engineering  

(2)     Automobile maintenance engineering

Research Fields

(1) Vehicle dynamic performance   simulation and control

(2) Driving Safety of On-road Vehicles   & active control   technique and theory

(3) Electric vehicle and intelligent   vehicle technology

(4) Traffic safety and management

Selected Publications

1. Design and Analysis of an Autobraking System Controller for   Autonomous Vehicles under the Influence of Perturbation [J]. IEEE   Transactions on Vehicular, 2018.

2. State-of-Charge Estimation of Lithium-ion Battery Based on a   Novel Reduced Order Electrochemical Model [J]. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF   ELECTROCHEMICAL SCIENCE, 2017.

3. Facile Synthesis of Hierarchical MnO@C Nanoplates for   High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries [J].  INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF   ELECTROCHEMICAL SCIENCE2017.

4. A   Research on the Algorithm for Identifying the Peak Adhesion Coefficient of   Road Surface [J]. Automotive Engineering, 2017.

5.  Investigation of Active Braking System Based on Personification Intelligent   Decision Planning Algorithm [J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society for   Agricultural Machinery, 2017.

6. AdaBoost-Bagging vehicle detection algorithm based on multi-mode   weak classifier [J]. Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering ,2015.

7. Scene   adaptive pedestrian detection algorithm based on deep model [J]. Journal of   Southeast University(Natural Science Edition) ,2017.

8.  Design of Electric Power Steering Control System Using μ   Synthesis [J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural   Machinery, 2008.

Projects under Research

(1) Identification of potential traffic accident risk   characteristics of intelligent vehicle and Research on time-delay   coordination mechanism of complex system. National   Natural Science Foundation of China.

(2) Mechanism and coordinated control of automatic emergency anti-collision   braking system for intelligent electric vehicle. Key   projects of Jiangsu University Natural Science Foundation.


(1)   Jiangsu Province "six talents peak program" subsidized     scholar

(2)     Jiangsu high level innovation and entrepreneurship Talents Program   subsidized   scholar

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