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Luo Fuqiang
Date:2018/06/12 | View:
Name Luo Fuqiang
Professional Title Dr.Professor
Departments Power engine engineering
TEL 13615280495
Short Biography

1998.6-now: Prof.
1998.6-1993.9: Associeate Prof.
1991.9: Dr.
1988.9-1993.9: Lecturer
1986.6-1988.9: assistant teacher

Teaching Courses

Data acquisition for engine(For Ph.D., Master)

Research Fields

Internal combustion engine working process and emission control, Internal combustion engine measurement technology, application of renewable and clean energy.

Selected Publications

Published more than 100 papers.For Example:
Fuqiang Luo*, Huifeng Cui, Shaofeng Dong.Transient measuring method for injection rate of each nozzle hole based on spray momentum flux[J].Fuel ,125,20-29,2014


1. Study and Measurement of Fuel Injection Process of Diesel Engine under Unsteady Conditions. Third Science and Technology Award of Chinese Machinery Administration ,1997.
2. Measurement System of Transient Characteristics of Diesel Engines under Transient Conditions. Third Science and Technology Award of Jiangsu Province Government, 1997.
3. Investigation on the CAD of fuel injection and combustion compromise. Third Science and Technology Award of Jiangsu Province Government, 2004.
4. Investigation on the combustion,emission and control of biogas diesel dual fuel engine,National Natural Science Fundation of China,2004
5. The follow projects are being studied:
(1) Development of diesel/CNG engine. Chinese National high technology project(2014BAG09B01).
(2) Measurement of injection rate of each hole of diesel injector.National Natural Science Fundation of China(51176068)
(3) Study of spray of each hole of diesel injector. National Natural Science Fundation of China (51476072)

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