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Li Ruina
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 Li Ruina



Professional Title



Power Machinery Engineering




Short Biography

Working Experience

2016.08-, School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University

Education Background

2011.09-2016.06, Power Machinery Engineering, Jiangsu   University, PhD

2007.09-2011.06, Vehicle Engineering, Jiangsu University, Bachelor

Teaching Courses

Introduction to automobile and motorcycle, Dynamic mechanical   engineering simulation technology and application

Research Fields

Spray, combustion process and emission   control of internal combustion engine

Selected Publications

1.   R. N. Li, Z. Wang, S. Liu. Study on the Structure Characteristics of Diesel   Engine Particulates Based on Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering[J]. Environmental   Progress & Sustainable Energy, 2019, 5(38): ep.13175

2.   R. N. Li, Z. Wang, P. Y. Ni, et al. Effects of exhaust gas recirculation on   the particulates structure characteristics of diesel engine fueled with   diesel-biodiesel blend[J]. Energy Sources Part A Recovery Utilization and   Environmental Effects, 2019, 7.

3.   R. N. Li, Z. Wang. Study on status characteristics and oxidation reactivity   of biodiesel particulate matter[J]. Fuel, 2018, 218:218-226.

4.   R. N. Li, Z. Wang, G. Y. Xu. Study on Carbonyl emissions of diesel engine   fueled with biodiesel[J]. International Journal of Chemical Engineering,   2017, 1409495.

5.   R. N. Li, Z. Wang, P. Y. Ni, et al. Effects of cetane number improvers on the   performance of diesel engine fuelled with methanol/biodiesel blend[J]. Fuel,   2014, 128:180-187.

6.   R. N. Li, Z. Wang, L. C. Hou, et al. Study on Methanol/Biodiesel for   Agricultural Diesel Engines Applications[J]. Advanced Materials Research,   2014, 912-914:475-478.

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