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Cai Yi-xi
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Cai Yi-xi



Professional Title



Power Machinery and Engineering




Short Biography

1986/6   till now, Work in school   of automotive and traffic engineering, Jiangsu University, teacher

1983/9-1986/6, Major in   power machinery and engineering, Jiangsu institute of technology, Master

1982/2–1983/8, Work   in Guizhou diesel engine factory, Engineer

1978/3–1982/1, Major   in internal combustion engine,   Zhenjiang agricultural machinery college, Bachelor

Teaching Courses

Construction of Internal Combustion   Engine

Advanced combustion technology for   internal combustion engine

Gas flow in internal combustion   engines

Conspectus of Energy and Power   Engineering

Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Engineering

Research Fields

Internal combustion engine emission   control technology

Internal combustion engine working   process

Electronic devices thermal management

Application of plasma technology

Selected Publications

1.   Y. X. Shi, Y. X. Cai, R. L. Fan, et al., Characterization of soot inside a   diesel particulate filter during a nonthermal plasma promoted regeneration   step, Applied Thermal Engineering 150 (2019) 612~619.

2.   Y. X. Shi, Y. X. Cai, X. H. Li, et al., Evolution of diesel particulate   physicochemical properties using nonthermal plasma, Fuel 253 (2019) 1292–1299.

3. J. Wang, Y. X. Cai, Y. C. Bao, et. al., Enhanced ionic wind   generation by graphene for LED heat dissipation, International Journal of   Energy Research, 2019 (43):3746-3755.

4. Jing Wang, Yi-xi Cai, Xiao-hua Li, Yun-fei Shi, Ya-chao Bao,   Electrically-induced ionic wind flow distribution and its application for LED   cooling, Applied Thermal Engineering, 2018 (138): 346–353.

5. J Wang, Y X CaiX H LiY F ShiY C Bao, J Wang Y X   Shi, Ionic wind development in corona discharge for LED cooling, IEEE   Transactions on Plasma Science, 2018, 46(5): 1821-1830.

6. Jing WangYi-xi   CaiXiao-hua LiYun-fei ShiYa-chao BaoJun WangYun-xi Shi, Experimental study on optical-thermal associated   characteristics of LED car lamps under the action of ionic wind,   Microelectronics Reliability, 2018, 82: 113~123.

7. Jing WangYi-xi   CaiXiao-hua LiXu-dong ZhaoJun WangYun-fei ShiYun-xi   Shi, Experimental investigation of high-power light-emitting diodes' thermal   management by ionic wind, Applied Thermal Engineering, 2017, 122(7): 49~58.

8. Jing WangYi-xi   CaiWei-wei BaoHui-xia LiQian LiuExperimental study of high power LEDs heat dissipation based on   corona dischargeApplied   Thermal Engineering2016985):420~429.


1.        China automotive industry science and technology award, third   prize (2017)

2.        Jiangsu province science and technology progress award, third   prize (2017)

3.        China machinery industry science and technology award, second prize   (2012)

4.        China automotive industry science and technology award, third   prize (2009)

5.        Scientific and technological progress award of China petroleum   and chemical industry association, second prize (2007)

6.        China automotive industry science and technology award, third   prize (2002)

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