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Sun Ping
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Sun Ping



Professional Title



Power Machinery   Engineering




Short Biography


Bachelor   degree:1978.091982.06Zhenjiang   institute of agriculture machinery ,Internal combustion engine

Master   degree:1982.091985.05Jiangsu   institute of technology

Doctor   degree:1990.091994.06Jiangsu   science and technology university

Academic   Experience

Lecturer:1987.07--1994.06Jiangsu   institute of technology

Associate   Professor:1994.07--2001.06,Jiangsu science and technology university

Professor:   2001.07--now, Jiangsu University

Teaching Courses

Principle   of Internal Combustion Engine

Emission   Control of Internal Combustion Engine

Research Fields

Combustion   theory of ICE and technology of emission control

Alternative   fuel of ICE

Selected Publications

Experimental   investigation on performance, combustion and   emission characteristics   of a common-rail diesel engine fueled with   polyoxymethylene dimethyl   ethers-diesel blends [J]. Applied Energy, 2017,   202: 527-536 SCI

Experimental   investigation of in-cylinder soot distribution   and exhaust particle   oxidation characteristics of a diesel engine with   nano-CeO2 catalytic   fuel [J]. Energy, 2018, 161, 17-27 SCI

Effects   of Mn-doped ceria oxygen-storage material on oxidation   activity of   diesel soot [J]. RSC Advances, 2017, 7: 7406-7412SCI

Study   on the simultaneous reduction of diesel engine soot and   NO with   nano-CeO2 catalysts [J]. RSC Advances, 2016, 6:   102028-102034 SCI

Experimental   investigation on particle number emission from   diesel engine with   bipolar discharge coagulation [J]. Proc IMechE Part D: J   Automobile   Engineering, 2018, 1-10 SCI

Experimental   investigation on charging characteristics and   size distribution of   diesel particles enhanced by corona discharge [J].   International   Journal of Environmental Studies, 2018, 75(1): 160-170. EI

Influence   of micro-emulsified biodiesel on combustion and   emission   characteristics of a turbocharged diesel engine. EESD, 2012,   269-274,   Conference article.  (EI

Gaseous   Emissions Characteristics of Ethanol Premix and PODE Direct Injection   Compound Combustion   Transactions of CSICE   2018,36(3):208-213  

Diesel   in-cylinder soot distribution with nano-CeO2 catalyst diesel fuel    J.Huazhong University of Sci. And Tech.2017,45(7):61-65

Experimental   research on decreasing particles emission number of diesel engineby bipolar   charged coagulation[J].  (Transactions of the CSAE), 2017, 33(14):7884.


National   award of invention; Low fuel consumption, low pollution, low peak pressure   swirl chamber of ICE

Jiangsu   province science and technology award, Key technology of bio-diesel   application and commercialization

Jiangsu   province science and technology award, New combustion system and model of   combustion process

National   Machinery industry science and technology award, Combustion of bio-diesel and   pollution control

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