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Wei Shengli
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Wei Shengli


Professional   Title

Vice dean of   Department,

Associate   professor


Power Machinery Engineering




Short   Biography

Power   Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Jiangsu University, Postdoctoral fellow, 2010.8-2014.7

Dalian University of Technology,   Power Machinery & Engineering, Ph.D., 2010.

Dalian University of Technology,   Internal combustion engine, B.S., 2002.

Teaching   Courses

Three-dimensional   structure design/The structure of engines

Research   Fields

The   spray and combustion of power machinery, including optical diagnostics,bench   test and numerical simulations of spray and combustion, and SOFC.

Selected   Publications

[1]     Shengli   Wei,Xiqian Zhao,Xin Liu,Xiaonan Qu,Chunhui He,Xianyin Leng.Research on   effects  of early intake valve closure (EIVC) miller cycle on combustion   and emissions  of marine diesel engines at medium and low loads.   Energy,v173,p48-58,2019.

[2]     Shengli   Wei, Chunhui He,Xuan Liu,Zhilei Song and Xiqian Zhao. Numerical Analysis of   the Effects of Swirl Ratio on the Performance of Diesel Engine Fueled with   N-Butanol-Diesel Blends. J.Energy Eng.,2019,145(3):04019005.

[3]     Shengli   Wei, Zhilei Song,Chongrong Wu & Xiaonan Qu.Study of dual closed-loop   control strategy of exhaust gas recirculation for diesel engines.Energy   Sources,Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental  Effects,   2019,v41:11,1380-1390.

[4]     Shengli   Wei, Xiqian Zhao, Rui Xu & Chunhui He (2019) The measurement of SVF of   ethanol gasoline based on two-dimensional light extinction method, Energy   Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, DOI:   10.1080/15567036.2019.1649327

[5]     Shengli   Wei, Kunpeng Ji, Xianyin Leng, Feihu Wang, Xin Liu.Numerical simulation on   effects of spray angle in a swirl chamber combustion system of DI (direct   injection) diesel engines. Energy, v75,p289-294,2014.

[6]     Shengli   Wei, Feihu Wang, Xianyin Leng, Xin Liu, Kunpeng Ji.Numerical analysis on   the  effect of swirl ratios on swirl chamber combustion system of DI   diesel engines. Energy Conversion and Management, 2013,75:184–190.


The   International Combustion Institute, member

The youth post expert of Jiangsu University,2015.5

Jiangsu   government scholarship for overseas studies, 2014.7

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