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Zhao Weidong
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Zhao Weidong 

Professional   Title

Associate   professor


Power Machinery Engineering




Short   Biography

Dr.   Zhao took part in job first as a research assistant in 1997 and then as an   associate professor in 2012 at Jiangsu University. In 2010, he obtained PhD   from Jiangsu University.

From   2003, he carried out the research work on applying gas discharge and non-thermal   plasma to treat engine exhaust pollutants for Ph.D degree, and then he is committed   to applying electric fields as a means of process intensification for   preparation and conversion of biomass energy. Recently, he joined in several   research projects about Biomass pyrolysis, Bio-oil upgrading, preparation and   application of Biodiesel funded by Chinese governments. He works hard towards   renewable clean energies and their utilization with high efficiency.

Now,   he serves as an associate professor in Power Machinery Department. During   academic activities, he puts great efforts on cultivating talents, research   projects and social service.

Teaching   Courses

●   Principle of Internal Combustion Engine

○   Emission Control of Internal Combustion Engine

●Power   Engineering Test Technology

Research   Fields

Gas   discharge and non-themal plasma application, Biodiesel, biomass pyrolysis,   and upgrading of bio-oil

●   Design and working characteristics of discharge reactor

○   Biomass pyrolysis liquefaction

●   Hydrogenation of bio-oil

○   Preparation and upgrading of biodiesel

[1]   Zhao W , Huang J , Ni K , et al. Research on Non-Thermal Plasma assisted   HZSM-5 online catalytic upgrading bio-oil[J]. Journal of the Energy   Institute, 2018,91:595-604.

[2]   Zhao W , Zhang X , Huang J , et al. Hydrogenation of bio-oil via gas-liquid   two-phase discharge reaction system[J]. Process Safety and Environmental   Protection, 2018, 118:167-177.

[3]Zhao   Weidong ,Yao Jiangwei ,Zhang Xiaoyin , et al. Review on the progress of the   first-generation biodiesel hydrogenation and upgrading[J]. Energy Sources   Part A Recovery Utilization and Environmental Effects, 2019.

[4]   Xiaoyin Z , Weidong Z , Jianquan H , et al. Analysis of bio-oil   physicochemical properties and aging process[J]. Energy Sources Part A   Recovery Utilization and Environmental Effects, 2018, 40(18):2117-2123.

[5].Fan   YS., Zhao W., et al. Promotion of the vapors from biomass vacuum pyrolysis for   biofuels under Non-thermal Plasma Synergistic Catalysis (NPSC)   system[J],ENERGY, (2018),0:176-181.142: 462-472.

[6].Fan   YS., Zhu L., Zhao W., et al. Catalytic upgrading of biomass pyrolysis   volatiles to bio-fuel under pre-plasma enhanced catalysis (PPEC) system[J],   ENERGY,(2018),162: 224-236.

[7].Fan YS., Xiong YL., Zhao W., et al., Comparison of the   one-step and two-step plasma-catalytic upgrading of biomass pyrolysis   volatiles to bio-fuel[J], Chemical Engineering and Processing-process   Intensification,(2019), 135:53-62.

[8].Fan YS., Jin LZ., Zhao W., et al. Microwave-induced   carbonization of rapeseed shell for bio-oil and bio-char: Multi-variable   optimization and microwave absorber effect, Energy Conversion and Management,   (2019), 191:23-38.

Research   Projects (2015 - 2019)

[1]     National Natural Science Foundation of   China: Preparation and production of high grade bio-fuel via process   intensification (No. 51761145011, responsible for sub-project).

[2]     Key Plan R & D Project of Jiangsu   Provincial: Development of Piston Rings for Methanol Combustion Engines Based   on Non-thermal Plasma (No. 51761145011, responsible for sub-project).


[3]     Research and Application of   Non-thermal Plasma Technology in the Treatment of Harmful Emissions from   Engines, Third Prize of Progress in Science and Technology awarded by China   Automobile Industry Award Foundation, 2009.

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