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Yao Ming
Date:2015/06/17 | View:
Name Yao Ming
Professional Title Associate Professor
Departments Traffic Engineering
TEL +86-511-88797620-2826
Short Biography

Ph.D., Vehicle Operation Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China, Candidate
M.S., Vehicle Operation Engineering , Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China,2006
B.S., Automotive Engineering, Jiangsu University of science and technology, Zhenjiang, China,2000

Teaching Courses

Traffic Survey and Analysis;
Principle of Structure Design

Research Fields

Railroad vehicle braking technology;
Connect vehicle technology;
Traffic safety

Selected   Publications

Yao Ming,He Ren,Zhang Xiaona. A permanent magnetic track brake[P].China's invention patent,ZL200910213026.3
Yao Ming,Tang Zhuohua,He Ren. A linear permanent magnet track brake [P]. China's invention patent,ZL201110086650.9
Yao Ming,Wang Liang,Zhang Xinhua,He Ren,Wu Xiaohui,Chen Shi’an. A permanent magnet and electromagnetic composite track brake [P]. China's invention patent: 201210467202.8
Yao Ming,He Ren,Wu Xiaohui,Tang Zhuohua,Chen Shi’an. A permanent magnet disc brake and braking method [P]. China's invention patent:201210502750.X
Chen Shi’an,Gu Yufeng,He Ren,Wang Sheng,Yao Ming,Wu Xiaohui. Chen Shi’an.A electromagnetic track brake and its control method[P]. China's invention patent:201210012645.8
Chen Shi’an,Wang Sheng,He Ren,Gu Yufeng,Yao Ming. Temperature control device and control method between magnetic track brake pole shoe and track[P].China's invention patent:201210148253.4
Chen Shi’an,Yang Xin,You Zhuan,Yao Ming,Ma Yin,Zhang Xiaona. A dynamic balancing device and method of the magnetic rail brake system between train both sides[P].China's invention patent:201310703607.1
Ming Yao, Xiao-na Zhang. Study on braking distance with combination control strategy of permanent magnetic brake system for high speed train[C].In:2011 International Conference on Consumer Electronics,Communications and Networks,Xianning,China,2011:768~771
Ming Yao,Zhuo-hua Tang. Analysis and Simulation on the Braking Force of Permanent Magnetic Brake[C].In:2011 3rd International Conference on Information Science and Engineering,Yangzhou,China,2011:2381~2384
Yao Ming,He Ren. Study on permanent magnetic brake system application and strategy of combination control[J]. Manufacturing Automation,2010,9:57~59
Yao Ming,He Jianqing,He Ren,Shang Gaogao.Determination of vehicle speed in evaluating themobility of Off-road vehicle[J].Automotive Engineering,2012,10:885~888
Chen Shian,He Ren,Hongguang Liu,Yonggang Wang,Ming Yao. An optimal design for suspension based on LQG control[C].In:2011 International Conference on Electric Information and Control Engineering,Wuhan,China,2011:1987~1992
Chen Shian, He Ren, Liu Hongguang, Yao Ming, Probe into necessity of active suspension based on LQG control, Physics Procedia, v 25, 932~938, 2012
Jun Liang,Cheng Xianyi,Chen Xiaobo,Ming Yao. A model of Car Rear-end warning by means of MAS and behavior[J].Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering,2010,v 56:79~87
Chen Shian,Zhou Hang,Liu Hongguang,Yao Ming.Optimal design of active suspension based on LQG control without road input signal[C].In: 4th International Conference on Intelligent Computation Technology and Automation,Shenzhen,China. 2011:456~459
Chen Shian,He Ren,Lu Senlin,Yao Ming. Modeling of air-powered engine based on time coordinate and optimal approach of gas distribution parameters[C].In: Proceedings of the ASME Design Engineering Technical Conference,Montreal, Canada.2010:219~227


Research on key technology of electric brake
Design and development of aircraft tractor 
Study of Brake Performance about Multi-axle Construction Vehicle
Research on Matching Technique of Vehicular Power Transmission Systems
Research on working mechanism of permanent magnetic track brake technology
Research on optimizing and matching technology of permanent magnetic track brake system.
Study on evaluation system for off-road vehicle comprehensive performance

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