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Li Yicheng
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Li Yicheng



Professional Title


Transportation Engineering




Short Biography

2011.09-2014.06 Wuhan University of Technology Intelligent Transportation Engineering Master Degree

2014.09-2018.06 Wuhan University of Technology Transportation Engineering Doctoral Degree

Teaching Courses


Research Fields

Intelligent vehicle localization,   multi-sensors fusion

Selected Publications

 [1] Yicheng Li, Zhaozheng Hu, et al.   “Multi-scale Site Matching for Vision   only Self-localization of Intelligent Vehicles” IEEE   Intelligent Transportation System Magazine, Autumn, vol. 10, no. 3,  pp.   1-14, 2018. (SCIIF=3.65 JCR 1)

[2] Yicheng Li, Zhaozheng Hu,   Yuezhi Hu, et al. “Integration of Vision and Topological Self-localization   for Intelligent Vehicles”, Mechatronics, vol. 51, no. 3, pp. 46-58, 2018. (SCIIF=2.50JCR   1)

[3] Yicheng Li, Zhaozheng Hu,   Zhixiong Li, et al. “Image Sequence Matching Using both Holistic and Local   Features for Loop Closure Detection” IEEE Access, vol. 5, pp. 13835-13846,   2017 (SCIIF=3.24JCR 1)

[4] Zhaozheng Hu, Yicheng Li, Na   Li, and Bin Zhao, “Extrinsic Calibration of 2D Laser Rangefinder and Camera   from Single-Shot based on Minimal Solution”, IEEE Transaction on   Instrumentation and Measurement , vol. 64, no. 4, pp. 915-929, 2016 (SCIIF=2.46JCR 1)

[5] Yicheng Li, Zhaozheng Hu,   "Vision-based Vehicle Localization Using Bayesian Topological Model and   Hybrid K- Nearest Neighbors", Transportation Research Board (TRB) 2017   Annual Meeting, Washing D. C., Jan 10-15th, 2017

[6] Hu Zhaozheng, Yicheng Li,   Yuezhi. Hu, G. Huang, “Registration of Image and 3D LIDAR data from Extrinsic   Calibration”, The Third International Conference on Transportation   Information and Safety (ICTIS 2015), Wuhan, China, Jun., 2015, pp.102-106 (EI)

[7] Yicheng Li, Zhaozheng Hu,   Yuezhi Hu, et al. “Fast Closure Loop Detection for Self-localization of   Autonomous Vehicle from Visual Map” The 4th International Conference on   Transportation Information and Safety (ICTIS 2017)Alberta, Canada, August,   2017, pp.1003-1008. (EI)

[8]  Yicheng Li, Zhaozheng   Hu, Xianglong Wang et, al. Construction of Visual Map based on Road Scenarios   Description for Intelligent Vehicle Localization[J], China Jounral of Highway   and Transport, 2018, 319: 1-12(EI)

[9]  Yicheng Li, Zhaozheng   Hu, Yuezhi Hu, et al. Accurate   Localization based on GPS and Image Fusion for Intelligent Vehicles [J]Journal of Transporatation Systems Engineering and   Information Technology, 2017, 17 3: 112-119.EI




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