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Jing Peng
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Jing Peng



Professional Title

Associate Professor


Traffic Transportation Engineering




Short Biography


2008.09 - 2013.07, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,   Management Science and Engineering, PhD

2003.09 - 2006.07, Harbin Institute of Technology,   Transportation Planning and Management, M.S

1996.09 - 2000.07, Jilin University,   Transportation, B.S

Positions Held

2012.07 - Present, Jiangsu University, School of   Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Associate Professor of Transportation

2007.01 - 2012.03, Jiangsu University, School of   Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Lecturer of Transportation

2000.07 - 2006.12, Northeast Forestry University,   Assistant of Transportation

Teaching Courses

Theory   and Method in Transportation Planning, Transportation System Planning, Logistics Management Information System, Traffic Management and Control, Operational Research, Traffic   Flow Theory, Transportation Economics

Research Fields

Travel   Behavior Analysis, Discrete Choice Modeling, Transportation Planning,   Simulation of  Transportation   Systems

Selected   Publications

[1] Jing, P., Huang, H., Ran,   B., Zhan, F., Shi, Y. Exploring the Factors Affecting Mode Choice   Intention   of Autonomous Vehicle Based on an Extended Theory of Planned Behavior—A Case   Study in China[J]. Sustainability, 2019, 11, 1155. ()

[2] Wu L, Wang W, Jing P, et   al. Travel mode choice and their impacts on environment—a literature review   based on bibliometric and content analysis, 2000-2018[J]. Journal of Cleaner   Production, 2019: 119391.

[3] Peng Jing, Qingku You, Long Chen.   Agent-Based Simulation of Children’s School Travel Mode with Parental Escort   Decisions[J]. Information, 2018, 9(3):1-10.

[4] Jing P, Zhao M, He M, et al. Travel   Mode and Travel Route Choice Behavior Based on Random Regret Minimization: A   Systematic Review[J]. Sustainability, 2018, 10(4):1185.

[5] Peng Jing, Jing Wang, Long Chen,   Qi-fen. Incorporating the extended theory of planned behavior in a school   travel mode choice model: a case study of Shaoxing, China[J]. Transportation   Planning and Technology, 2017, 41(2):119-137.

[6] Jing P, Huang H, Chen L. An adaptive   traffic signal control in a connected vehicle environment: A systematic   review[J]. Information, 2017, 8(3).

[7] Jing Peng, Huang Wei, Chen Long.   Car-to-pedestrian communication safety system based on the vehicular Ad-Hoc   network environment: A systematic review[J]. Information, 2017, 8(4).

[8] JING Peng, WANG Jing, ZHA Qifen.   Understanding Attitudes towards Travel Mode Choice for Environmentlly   Sustainable Transportation: Extending the Theory of Planned Bheavior[J].   BASIC & CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY. 2016, 118(1).

[9] Jing Peng, Juan Zhi-cai, Gao Lin-jie. Application   of the Expanded Theory of Planned Behavior in Intercity Travel Behavior[J]. Discrete   Dynamics in Nature and Society, vol. 2014, Article ID 308674, 2014. DOI:10.1155/2014/308674

[10] Jing, P., Z. Juan. The Theory of   Planned Behavior The Role of Descriptive Norms and Habit in the Prediction of   Intercity Travel Mode Choice[J]. Journal of Convergence Information   Technology. 2013, 8(10):211-219.

[11] Jing, P., Z. Juan, X. Lin. The   object-oriented methodology of traffic microscope   simulation     system for generating vehicles from OD   matrix[J]. Journal of Convergence Information Technology. 2012, 7(10):   337-346.

[12] Jing, P., Z. Juan, L. Gao, Improvement   of the full velocity difference car-following model[J].       Journal of Computational Information Systems. 2011, 7(10): 3651-3659.

[13] Jing, P., Analysis of vehicle   conversion factor in the period of melts to freeze of winter[J]. Advances in   Information Sciences and Service Sciences. 2011, 3(1): 87-94.


1. Third prize of national Transportation Science   and Technology Competition, Research on Accessibility of Public Transport Based   on Secondary Development of GISDK – An application of Shanghai, Guidance   teacher, 2018

2. First prize of Jiangsu University   Transportation Science and Technology Competition, Design of intelligent   parking guidance system, Guidance teacher, 2018

3. Third Prize of Excellent Papers of China   Highway Journal, First author, 2016

4. Recognition of talent project construction of   Jiangsu University, 2016

5. The Excellent Prize for Teachers Program,   School of Automobile and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University, 2010

6. The Excellent Prize for Teachers Program, School   of Automobile and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University, 2008

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