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Ge Huimin
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Ge Huimin



Professional Title

Associate professor


Traffic and Transportation




Short Biography

Working at   School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering from 2005 to present

Teaching Courses

Transportation   market scienceTransportation station planningLogistics technical equipment and so on

Research Fields

Driving   behaviorTransportation planning; Operation safety   of carrier;Vehicle system dynamics

Selected Publications

1.Construction   and Simulation of Rear-End Conflicts Recognition Model Based on Improved TTC   Algorithm

2.Research on   Fault Diagnosis Model of Vehicle Rolling Bearings based on   multi-classification Support Vector Machine

3.Parameter   Optimizations of Multi-class Support Vector Machine Based on Seeker Optimization   Algorithm

4.The Study of   Feature Extraction Method Based on Multi-scale Morphological Spectrum Entropy

5.Traffic   Congestion Warning Model Based on GIS \ GPS \ GPRS \ RFID Technology

6.Research on   environmental effect based on BP-GM hybrid model of traffic congestion

7.Robust   analysis of coal logistics park demand flow network

8.Logistics   effect field on the role of spatial agglomeration in the logistics corridor

9.Research on   the function of on-demand logistics mechanism in the optimization of logistics   system

10.Pricing   Strategy of Public and Individual Competition Transportation System

11.A   multi-product multi-echelon inventory control model with joint replenishment   strategy

Research Projects

1.NSFC Project

2.Social   Development Project of Zhenjiang Science and Technology Bureau

3.Anhui   Provincial Department of Transportation

4.Jiangsu   Provincial Department of Transportation

5.Projects of   the enterprises

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