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The College of Automotive held an academic lecture on the regulation of wettability surfaces on droplet motion behavior
Date:2023/11/30 | View:

On November 29, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. in Conference Room 311, Mr. Zhang Tongwei from the Department of Power Engineering of our College held an academic lecture on the Regulation of Wettability Surfaces on droplet motion behavior. The lecture was chaired by Professor Jing Peng, Vice president of the College of Automotive Engineering.

Based on the physicochemical interaction between the gas-liquid-solid interface, the paper analyzes the hydrodynamic behavior of droplets in and on microchannels by reasonably designing mixed wettability surfaces, so as to achieve accurate regulation of liquid film evolution and droplet motion behavior. Enrich and improve the theoretical system of droplet movement, and expand the application of mixed wettability surfaces in related engineering fields.

The lecture won unanimous praise from teachers and students, and the teachers and students who participated in the lecture listened attentively and did not stop thinking. After the lecture, everyone launched a heated discussion on the development trend of future power machinery.

Mr. Zhang Tongwei has presided over 3 scientific research projects such as postdoctoral fund and provincial university level, and participated in a number of national and provincial projects. In the past five years, he has published more than 10 SCI papers and authorized 3 invention patents. The research results have significant significance for enhancing heat and mass transfer in microchannels, icing and anti-icing of aircraft surfaces.

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