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Master Program in Traffic and Trasportation Enginering
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  The School of Automobile and Traffic Engineering offers graduate program to students pursuing a master of science (M.S.) in Traffic and Transportation Engineering. Strong emphasis is placed on developing the student's ability to initiate and carry out original research projects. To begin the Master of Science program in the major, a student must:
  1 Meet the university admission requirements.
  2 Have earned a bachelor degree in Traffic and Transportation or in a related major.

  The Master of Science in Traffic and Transportation Engineering is based on successful completion of a minimum of 30 graduate credit hours following an approved program plan. A research proposal, thesis and oral examination in defense of the thesis are required.

  A thesis based on research conducted in residence at Jiangsu University under the direction of a graduate faculty member in the school is required. During the first academic semester, the student must select a faculty member to serve as her/his research adviser, prepare a program plan and define a research topic with the assistance of the adviser. The student then progressively continues through the stages of research proposal, research on projects and oral examination in thesis defense.

  Each student follows an individual program plan. The program plan must have a minimum of 30 credit hours and include four required courses, two core courses, three electives, six credit hours of thesis and one credit hours of seminar.


Modular Course Credit Semester Requirement
I History of China 2.0 1 compulsory
Chinese 2.0 1 2
II Operations Research 2 1 At least two courses
stochastic processes 2 2
Numerical analysis 3 1
mathematical statistics 2 1
III Traffic and transportation engineering 2.0 2 At least two courses
Vehicle reliability 2.0 2
Vehicle fault diagnosis 2.0 2
Theory of traffic flow 2.0 2
Theory of traffic control 2.0 2
Traffic and transportation management planning 2.0 1
Elastic-plastic mechanics 2.0 2
Nonlinear FEA 2.0 2
IV Soil dynamics 2 2 At least three courses
Solid mechanics 2 2
Numerical method in terramechanics 2 2
Advanced structure mechanics 2 2
Ground vehicle system 2 2
Traffic net 2 1
Simulation in traffic system 2 2
Traffic signal control 2 1
Traffic imagine analysis 2 2
Traffic control in express way 2 1
Modern traffic engineering 2 2
The third party logistics 2 2
ITS 2 2
Transportation economics 2 2
Traffic safety engineering 2 2
Transportation Demand Management 2 2
Vehicle dynamics and control 2 2
Measuring and testing techniques 2 2
Vehicle safety 2 2
New energy vehicle 2 1
Automobile tire 2 2


  •Safety of traffic and transport system
  •Traffic and environment
  •Layout of traffic and transport


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