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​"1+2.5+0.5"International experimental class of Vehicle Engineering
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  Vehicle engineering "1 + 2.5 + 0.5" international experimental class is a cooperative degree education program by Jiangsu University and the Ministry of Education of CEAIE(China Education Association of international exchange),CCIEE, Association of American state university and colleges the international education exchange center, the American state university and AASCU. In this project, Jiangsu University and Northern Arizona University joint cultivation, credit mutual recognition, degree federations on the basis of “ 1+2.5+0.5” model.
  Cultivating Objective
  This experimental class aims to train International advanced engineering talents for automotive and related industries, not only meet the need of social development and economic construction, have social sense of responsibility, good professional ethics and the humanities accomplishment, but also grasp the basic theory of the vehicle engineering and related disciplines, professional knowledge and skills, with international vision, the innovation spirit and practice ability. Graduates can be engaged in (work in) product design, manufacturing, testing, scientific research, technical management and other aspects of vehicle engineering and related fields.
  Specifications of Training
  The basic learning years of the undergraduate study are 4 years, training according to the model of 1+2.5+0.5. First year student in Jiangsu University should complete required courses and credits, and obtain the TOEFL score of(at least 70 points) or IELTS score(at least 6.0 points), and if meet the northern Arizona university admission requirements, students would study Mechanical Engineering in Northern Arizona University from the second academic year to the first semester of the fourth year and complete the prescribed courses and credits. The second semester of the fourth year, student will return to Jiangsu University to study and complete the prescribed courses and credits. During the term of study, students who meet the conditions of graduation and degree awarding simultaneously will be awarded respectively undergraduate course diploma and bachelor's degree certificate by Jiangsu University and Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering by Northern Arizona University.
  Occupational Direction
  In the course of studying in Chinese and American universities, students have a thorough understanding of the social, cultural and technological aspects of China and the United States, are international talents who not only master English but also possess professional knowledge, which means they have higher competitive advantages to enter and work in the world famous enterprise, and more chance to enter a prestigious American university for a master's degree or doctorate. Graduates of this major have broad employment prospects which involved job of design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and technical management in automobile and components enterprise as well as engineering machinery, rail vehicles and other industries.
  Charging standards
  During the four-year period of the university of Jiangsu, the annual tuition fee is charged according to the charging standard of the price department in Jiangsu province (6380 yuan/academic year). During the study period of jiangsu university, the accommodation fee and other programs are extra charge.
  Tuition fees for studying in the United States will be charged by the corresponding colleges and universities in the United States according to the standard of the year. Northern Arizona University: Tuition is about $19,200 per school year, board and lodging expenses is about $9500 / school year, insurance and tuition fees is about $4,800 / academic year, Total about $33,500 / academic year. If the exchange rate is calculated at 1:68.8, total expenditure is about 227,800 yuan per year.
  (Notice: The actual cost will be subject to the amount and exchange rate provided by the corresponding University in the United States; If you need to study language course, summer term course or experimental class, the fee will be charged extra.)
  The international education communication center in the cooperative unit of the project is charged to students: Application fee, chinese study service fee, visa application fee for non-immigrant Americans, and SEVIS I-901 fee are total RMB 2,5300 yuan. Visa handling and project management fee is $3,000. RMB 50,000 yuan of repatriate cash deposit ( full return without interest after students return to school)
  CCIEE International is registered and established by the Ministry of Education CEAIE, an independent legal entity primarily working on education international cooperation and exchange, one of national organization who is an accredited by the ministry of education, ministry of public security and state administration for industry and commerce in the first batch and have authority to carry out self-funded study abroad service business across provinces and cities.
  At the end of the first semester, Student of project must pay once 25300 yuan which include application fee、Chinese study service fee、application fee for non-immigrant visa application in the United States、SEVIS I-901 fee and others.
  After receiving the admission notice from the corresponding University in U.S. , Students of the project need Visa handling and project management fee $3000 and repatriation deposit RMB 50000 which will be returned after students back to school.
  After getting the U.S. visa, students of the project need to pay Annual tuition and living expenses to University of the Unite State in advance.
  Methods of refund of CCIEE, please find details in < commissioned service contract of "Sino-american talent training program" 1+2+1 double degree program overseas study > .
  Admission contact
  Guoqing Geng 13952885646

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