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Wang Zhong
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Wang Zhong



Professional Title

Prof. and Doctoral tutor


Power Engineering Dept.




Short Biography

1983--1986,Bachelor and Master degree,   Hefei University of Technology

1991--1994,Ph.D., Jiangsu University   of Science and Technology

April 2000-April 2001,Visiting Prof,   University of Esslingen, Germany

March 2006-July 2006,Visiting Prof,   University of Amberg-weiden, Germany

1986-present, Jiangsu Institute of   Technology, Jiangsu Institute of Technology, Jiangsu University, lecturer,   associate professor, professor, Ph.D.

Teaching Courses

(1)   Undergraduate:

Introduction to Internal Combustion Engine

Automobile and Motorcycle.

Fault Diagnosis Technology for Internal Combustion   Engines

(2) PhD/Master's Program:

Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Engine   Working Process.

Advanced Technology of Power Machinery

Research Fields

1. Emission controlling and new energy   for internal combustion engine

2. Electronic control technology of   internal combustion engine

Selected Publications

1Effects of cetane number   improvers on the performance of diesel engine fuelled with methanol/biodiesel   blend. Fuel2014,128(7),180–187SCI

2Influence of waste cooking   oil biodiesel on oxidation reactivity and nanostructure of particulate matter   from diesel engine.  Fuel2016,4,181,389-395SCI

3Impact of EGR Rate on soot   Nanostructure from a Diesel Engine Fueled with BiodieselSpectroscopy   and Spectral Analysis2017.6,37(6),1973-1979

4Study on   methanol/biodiesel for agricultural diesel engines applications2014   International Conference on Frontiers of Advanced Materials and Engineering   Technology, FAMET 2014(EI)

5Experiment study on major   and intermediate species of ethanol/n-heptane premixed flames. Combustion   Science and Technology. 2013,P1786-1798

6Study on the particulate microstructure   of different oxygenated fuelsAdvanced Materials Research.2013,vol 726-731,P1950-1953

7The study on formation process   of PAHs under different combustion conditions. 2011 International Conference   on Electric Information and Control Engineering. 2011,P5559-5562


2009, awarded the title of the Top Six   Talents in Jiangsu Province.

2010, awarded the title of Academic   Leader of Engineering in Jiangsu Province.

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