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Brief introduction to the major of Vehicle Engineering
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  Title of honour: National characteristic major, Jiangsu provincial brand major.
  Training objective: aimed at cultivating senior engineers and technicians with reasonable knowledge structure, creative spirit, who are primarily engaged in the vehicle design, manufacture, test, application and management. Owing to study, the graduates should have solid foundation in mathematics, mechanics, electrotechnics and electronics, computer application, and basic theories and professional knowledge concerned about vehicle engineering. They are also supposed to master design theory and application technology of modern automobiles with abilities to automobile products research, design, manufacture and development, test and detection, maintenance and management.
  Training characteristics: With a long history, the major enjoys a highly professional teaching faculty team and closely links with vehicle industry, putting a high premium on the coordinate training of student's theoretical knowledge, engineering ability and creative ability. Our graduates could be found in automobile industry all over the world, including many outstanding persons in this field. This major has adequate teaching facilities and systematic engineering training means. The laboratories boast advanced vehicle chassises, engines and dynamic and static test equipments, advanced computer-aided softwares for three-dimensional design, manufacture and large simulation analysis, abundant structures and physical models of vehicle, detachable automobiles, cars for driving courses and training rooms for design and manufacture of formula cars and energy-saving cars. Students can receive systematic training as car disassembling, structure design, manufacturing technology, automobile driving and testing technology of automobile, and also obtain practice, tests and training of vehicle technology works competitions.
  Main courses: higher mathematics, engineering mechanics, mechanical drawing, mechanical design and principle, electrical and electronics, automatic control basics, liquid transmission and control, the principle of microcomputer and the computer application, cars and engine structure theory, automobile engineering, vehicle test, automobile manufacture technology, Automobile Safety and Energy Conservation and automobile electronic technology, CAD/CAE technology, etc.
  Employment direction: we not only have the right to award master of science, master of science in engineering, doctor of engineering in this field, but also have a post-doctoral workstation. Graduates can insist on doing further study. In this field, it has been conducting regular academic activities with universities and research institutes in America, Japan, Germany, etc. which creates good conditions for graduates to go abroad for further study. Graduates in this major are welcomed by employers, they can go to vehicles and parts manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad to be engaged in product design, production and management, and they also can work in the teaching research or management at universities and research institutes or government agencies.


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