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Brief introduction to the major of Thermal Energy and Power Engineering
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  Dynamic Mechanical Engineering and Automation—the typical characteristic major in Jiangsu province.
  Training Target: The discipline is mainly aimed at cultivating top-ranking engineering technicians occupied in research, design, manufacturing, testing, application and management of engine for automobile, shipbuilding, cultivate motorcycle, tractors, engineering machinery, power generation, military vehicles, agricultural machinery and forestry machinery application.
  Training Characteristics: The discipline founded in 1958 is the thermal energy and power engineering teaching units as the member of deputy director of the commission committee. School teachers have strong ability in scientific research. The teaching and scientific research of equipments are well-found. The experimental condition is good,which has advanced test equipment used in engine dynamometer, emissions and noise vibration, the electronic control, low temperature characteristics, biological fuel preparation and application, and hybrid. The attention is paid to training the ability of students' project practice and innovation ability and some learning modules in engine computer measurement and control system, engine design, engine emissions control, which relies on the advantages of machine, electricity, heat, computer, and automatic control, are opened for the students' independent elective.
  Main Courses: Including advanced mathematics, engineering mechanics, mechanical drawing, mechanical design and principle, electrical and electronics, automatic control base, principle of the computer and the computer application, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, internal combustion engines, gas engine design, test learn technology, engine electronic control, engine emission control, internal combustion engines CAE.
  Employment Direction: This major has the right to award master, master of engineering, and doctoral degree and establishes the postdoctoral research station. The graduates can continue to pursue advanced studies in this professional. This major sets up long-term cooperation relations with several institutions of higher learning and research units in Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries. So it creates good condition for graduates to go abroad for further study.
On one hand, the graduates can engage in product development, design, manufacture, test research, technical management and marketing in the field of cars, engine, ship, motorcycle, tractors, engineering machinery, power generation, military vehicles, agricultural machinery and forestry machinery and other enterprise. On the other hand, they can go to universities, research institutions and government agencies engaging in the corresponding teaching, scientific research and administrative management.

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