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Brief introduction to the major of Transportation Engineering (Vehicle Application Engineering and Logistic Engineering)
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  1.Educational Goal
  Cultivate students on the basis of engineering, together with profound specialized knowledge of automobile application technology, transportation system planning and management, logistics system engineering and so on. Make students become the senior engineering and technical talent, who can engage in automobile application and management, logistics system design and management independently.
  2. Length of Schooling and Degree
  Duration: 4-year undergraduate
  Degree awarded: B.E. (Bachelor of Engineer)
  3.Main Courses
  Ø Advanced Mathematics
  Ø Engineering Mechanics
  Ø Computer Applications
  Ø Mechanical Drawing and Mechanical Design
  Ø Automatic Control Theory; Theory of Automobile
  Ø Automobile Application Engineering
  Ø Automobile marketing and insurance
  Ø Automobile Detection and Diagnosis Technology
  Ø Transportation Engineering
  Ø Transportation Planning and Management
  Ø Logistics
  Ø Logistics Management Information System
  Ø Operations Research; Management
  Ø Logistics Equipment and Technology
  Ø International Logistics

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