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Brief introduction to the major of Traffic Engineering
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  The major of traffic engineering started to recruit traffic engineering undergraduate students in 1999. It is one of domestic key universities to recruits traffic engineering undergraduate students early, and has a level of professional characteristics in traffic planning, road engineering, and traffic safety direction study. Now a total of more than 600 undergraduate students have graduated. It has rich strength on professional teachers and scientific research. There are 16 professional teachers with 2 professors, 5 associate professors. The structure of teachers' team is reasonable and young teachers are the main body and 10 people obtained doctor’s degree among them. The professional teachers bear the dozens of national, provincial and local government and enterprise entrusts scientific research projects, with an average scientific research fund 3 million RMB every year. It has Traffic and Transportation Engineering as first-level discipline with Master and doctor degree authorization centers. Now there are 30 master’s students in studying.

  Educational Objectives
  Graduates of the Traffic Engineering program will be equipped with the knowledge of traffic engineering, road engineering, railway engineering, transport planning and management, traffic control, traffic safety, intelligent transportation, etc. ;master the ability of surveying and planning of transportation system, feasibility study and investment analysis of transportation program; be qualified of the professional techniques about the design, operation and management of facilities for highway and urban transportation.

  Main Curricula
  Theoretical mechanics, mechanics of materials, structural mechanics, soil mechanics, surveying, civil engineering materials, Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Drawing, principles of structure design, traffic engineering, transport engineering, transportation planning, traffic management and control, subgrade and pavement engineering, bridge engineering, highway survey and design, intelligent transportation system, road traffic safety, etc.

  Experience design
  Cognitive practice of traffic engineering; survey practice; urban transport practice; driving practice; course design of transportation planning; course design of road engineering; experiment of traffic control and simulation; course design of traffic facilities; practice of road construction, diploma project.

  Career prospects
  Career prospects for traffic engineering are very bright. Graduates of the program could get jobs about transport technique and traffic management in urban planning authorities of state or each province and municipality, authorities of transportation planning and road design, construction authorities of highway and urban road, department of transport management, department of transportation. Graduates could also work in institutes of higher education or scientific research. Especially, excellent graduates could pursue a higher degree in highway and railway engineering, transportation planning and management, traffic information engineering & control, etc.

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