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Nie Jiamei
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Nie Jiamei




Professional Title

Associate   professor


School of Automotive   and Traffic Engineering of Jiangsu University




Short Biography

2009.07-               School   of Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212013, China

2006.09-2009.06  School of Automotive and Traffic   Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu   212013, China

Degree:   Doctor of Engineering

Major:   Vehicle Engineering

2003.09-2006.06  School of Mechanical Engineering, Guangxi   University, Nanning, Guangxi 530004, China

Degree:   Master of Engineering

Major:   Agricultural mechanization engineering

1999.09-2003.06   School of of Mechanical and Electrical   Engineering, Qingdao Agricultural University, Qingdao, Shandong266109, China

Degree:   Bachelor of Engineering

               Major: Agricultural Mechanization and Automation

Teaching Courses

Construction   of Automobile

Vehicle   Feedback Control Foundation

Innovative   product design

Research Fields

Simulation and control of vehicle dynamic performance

Design theory and method of the   inerter

Inerter-spring-damper (ISD)   suspension systems and control

Mechanical elements with memory   and nonlinear vibration

Selected Publications

1.       Jiamei Nie, Xiaoliang Zhang,   Guotao Chen. The Network Synthesis and Characteristics Analysis of   Inerter-spring-damper Suspension System[J]. Journal of   Vibration and Skock. 2016, 35(24), 115-119. (EI paper, In Chinese)

2.      Jiamei Nie, Xiaoliang Zhang. Experiment of vehicle passive skyhook   damping suspension system[J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society of   Agricultural Machinery. 2015, 31(07)66-71. (EI paper, In Chinese)

3.        Jiamei Nie, Xiaoliang Zhang,   Xiaoqiang Sun, Long Chen. Modeling and Parameter Optimization of a New Type   Hybridconnected ISD Suspension[J]. Automobile Technology. 2015, (2):   44-47. (In Chinese)

4.        Jiamei Nie, Xiaoliang Zhang, Bei   Hu, Long Chen. A New Approach of Vehicle Passive Suspension Techniques[J]. Vehicle and Power Technology. 2012, 126(2): 59-64. (In   Chinese)

5.        Jiamei Nie, Xiaoliang Zhang, Haobin Jiang, Long Chen.   Researh on the Inerter Structure[J]. Machine Design   and Research. 2012, 28(1): 29-32. (In Chinese)

6.        Jiamei Nie, Long   Chen, Jiamei Nie, Ruochen Wang.   Layered Coordination Control of ASS and EPS. Journal of System Simulation.   2010, 22(12): 2886-2889. (EI paper, In Chinese)

7.        Jiamei Nie, Long   Chen, Chuanyi Yuan, Yongchen Ni. Grey predictive-fuzzy integrated Control of   ASS and EPS[J]. Chinese Journal of Seientific   Instrument. 200728(8): 474-478. (EI paper, In Chinese)

8.        Nie Jiamei, Zhang Xiaoliang, Chen   LongSuspension   Employing Inerter and Optimization Based on Vibration Isolation Theory on   Electrical-mechanical Analogies[C]. ISTILE 2010 - The Third International   Symposium on Traffic Information and Logistic Engineering.EI   paper

9.        Nie JiameiZhang XiaoliangChen LongApplication   of Multi-variable Grey Model in the Integrated Control of Vehicle SAS and   EPS[C], 2011 International   Workshop on Automobile, Power and Energy Engineering. (EI paper


1.         Long Chen, Xiaoliang Zhang, Jiamei   Nie, Haobin Jiang, Ruochen Wang. Passive skyhook and ground damping   vibration isolation system. U.S. patent 9074652B2.

2.         Zhang Xiaoliang, Nie Jiamei, Huang   Zhenxing, Chen Long. Hydraulic Mem-Inerter Device And Its Application, 2016,   CN, Application No: PCT/CN2016/089855

Research Projects

1.         Network synthesis design method of suspension   systems based on a triangular periodic table of elementary mechanical   elements (NSFC51805223), supported by National Natural Science Foundation of   China. (In Progress, Principal)

2.         Research and development of key technologies   for a novel ISD suspension (2016-GDZB-097), supported by the Six Talent Peaks   Program of Jiangsu Province of China. (In Progress, Principal)

3.         Dynamic matching mechanism and continuous   coordination control of shyhook inertance and damping semi-active suspension   (NSFC51875257), supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.   (In Progress, Co-Principal with Prof. Xiaoliang Zhang)

4.         ISD suspension matching mechanism and control   based on multi-port mechanical network theory (NSFC51405202), supported by   National Natural Science Foundation of China. (Co-Principal with Prof.   Xiaoliang Zhang)

5.         Coordinated control of inertance and damping   of inerter-spring-damper controllable suspension system (BK20130521),   supported by Jiangsu provincial committee of Science and Technology.   (Co-Principal with Prof. Xiaoliang Zhang)

6.         Matching mechanism and control between ISD   suspension and multi-port mechanical network of full car (2015M570408),   supported by the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation. (Co-Principal with   Prof. Xiaoliang Zhang)

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