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Wang Limei
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Wang Limei




Professional Title

Associate Professor


School   of Automotive and Traffic Engineering

Automotive   Engineering Research Institute




Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2010.9-2015.6), Power   Engineering and Engineering Thermal Physics, Shandong University

B.E.(2006.9-2010.6), Thermal   Energy and Power Engineering, Shandong University

Working Experience

2018.4-Present,   Associate Professor, School of Automotive   and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University

2015.7-2018.4,   Lecturer, School of Automotive   and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University

Teaching Courses

Power Battery   Technology, Power battery and management system,   Electrochemistry andBattery Technology

Research Fields

1.        Battery Management System

2.        Battery Reliability and Safety

3.        Measurement and Control of ICE

Selected Publications

Host   Project

1.   National Natural Science Foundation of China,   51707084, Multi-degradation mechanism analysis and identification of the   battery pack cycle-life with inter-cell connecting plate constraint for   electric vehicles.

2. Natural   Science Fund project in Jiangsu Province, BK20160529, Cycle life   degradation mechanism and credible capacity estimation for in-parallel battery   packs.

3. Cycle life degradation mechanism and Layered Screening Method   of Power Battery Packs, 2018-XNYQC-004, Six Talent Peaks Project in Jiangsu   Province.

4. Cycle life degradation affecting factors analysis and on-line   estimation for in-parallel battery packs, 2016M591775, China   Postdoctoral Science Foundation.

5. Youth Talent Cultivation Program of Jiangsu University.


1. Limei Wang, Yong Cheng*, Ju Zou.   Battery available power prediction of hybrid electric vehicle based on   improved Dynamic Matrix Control algorithms. Journal of Power Sources,   2014, 261: 337-347.

2. Limei Wang, Yong Cheng*, Xiuliang Zhao. A LiFePO4   battery pack capacity estimation approach considering in-parallel cell safety   in electric vehicles. Applied Energy, 2015, 142: 293-302.

3. Limei Wang, Yong Cheng*, Xiuliang Zhao. Influence of   connecting plate resistanceupon LiFePO4 battery performance. Applied   Energy, 2015, 147: 353-360.

4. Limei Wang*, Chaofeng Pan, Liang Liu, et al. On-board   state of health estimation of LiFePO4 battery pack through differential   voltage analysis. Applied Energy, 2016, 168:465-472.

5. Wang Limei*, Zhao Xiuliang, Liu Liang, et al. Battery pack topology structure on state-of-charge estimation   accuracy in electric vehicles. Electrochimica Acta, 2016, 219: 711-720.

6. Limei Wang*, Xiuliang Zhao, Liang Liu, Chaofeng Pan.   State of health estimation of battery modules via differential voltage   analysis with local data symmetry method. Electrochimica Acta, 2017,   81-89.

7. Limei Wang, Dong Lu, Qiang Liu, Liang Liu, Xiuliang   Zhao*. State of charge estimation for LiFePO4 battery via dual extended kalman   filter and charging voltage curve. Electrochimica Acta, 2019, 296: 1009-1017.

8. Limei Wang, Junyan Niu, Wen Zhao, Guochun Li, Xiuliang   Zhao*. Study on electrochemical and thermal characteristics of lithium‐ion   battery using the electrochemical‐thermal coupled model. International Journal of Energy   Research,   2019, 43(6): 2086-2107.

9. Xiuliang Zhao, Zequan Li, Zhipeng Li, LimeiWang*. Combustion parameters estimation   based on multi-channel vibration acceleration signals. Applied Thermal   Engineering, 2019, 158: 113835.


1. Wang Limei, Zhao Xiuliang, Liu Liang, Pan Chaofeng, Li   Guochun, Chen Long, Jiang Haobin. Matching  and test system for battery   pack and battery management system, 2019.11.05, China, 201710354689.1

2. Wang Limei, Chen Long, Jiang Haobin, Yuan Chaochun, et   al. Battery open circuit voltage estimation based on binary code, 2018.08.10,   China, 201510543674.0

3. Wang Limei, Chen Long, Jiang Haobin, Yuan Chaochun, et   al. Battery pack state ofhealth estimation based on charging voltage   curve, 2017.12.22, China, 201510542962.4.

4. Wang Limei, Chen Long, Jiang Haobin, Yuan Chaochun, et   al. Battery cell balance method based on battery pack charging, 2017.12.05,   China, 201510542877.8.

5. Cheng Yong, Wang Limei. Battery   modeling method based on Simscape platform, 2016.06.22, China, 201310721879.4.

6. Cheng Yong, Wang Limei, Zou Ju. Battery power prediction based on dynamic matrix control   algorithm, 2016.02.24, China, 201310721633.7.

7. Cheng Yong, Wang Limei, Wang Hongdong, et al. System and method for remote monitoring, upgrading and   calibration of electric vehicles, 2016.01.20, China, 201310127244.1.

8. Cheng Yong, Wang Limei, Zhao Xiuliang. Battery management method based on battery safety protection, 2015.10.28,   China, 201410192523.0.

9. Cheng Yong, Wang Limei, Wang Hongdong, et al. Battery management system based on coprocessor and solid state   relay, 2015.03.04, China, 201310116527.6.


1. Shandong Graduate Outstanding Science   and Technology Innovation Achievement Award, Shandong, 2015.10

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