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Wang Pan
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Wang Pan



Professional Title

Professor, Ph.D.Supervisor


Power   Machinery and Engineering




Short Biography


2000-2004   Henan University of Science & Technology  Bachelor degree

2004-2007 Jiangsu   University   Master degree

2006-2009 Jiangsu   University   Ph.D degree

2016-2017   Ohio State University  Visiting Scholar of CSC

Academic Experience

2009-2012 Jiangsu   University    Lecturer

2012-2018 Jiangsu   University    Associate Professor:

2018-    Jiangsu   University    Professor

Teaching Courses

Graduate courses

Emission control theory and technology of   ICE

Research   Fields

1) Mechanism of directional cracking of   fuel in the diesel engine cylinder;

2) Control strategy for ultra-low   emission of the diesel engine;

3) Research on post-treatment control   technology of diesel engine emission.

Selected Publications


1. Pan WangYixi CaiLefu ZhangClemens Tolksdorf. Physical and chemical Characteristic of Particulate Matter from Biodiesel Exhaust Emission using Non-thermal Plasma Technology. Energy & fuels. 201024 (5) 3195-3198.SCI

2. Pan WangYixi CaiLili LeiLei Li. Non-Thermal Plasma assisted LKMO Catalyst Approach to NOx Removal in Diesel Engine Emissions. Materials Research Innovations2013171:148-151.SCI

3. Pan WangWenye GuLili LeiYixi CaiZhijun Li. Micro-structural and components evolution mechanism of particular matter from diesel engines with non-thermal plasma technology. Applied Thermal Engineering201591(5):1-10. SCI

4. Pan WangJing YiWenye GuPeng LuoLili Lei. The Influence of xMnyCe/γ-Al2O3 on NOx Catalysts on the Propertiesof NOx Storage and Reduction over Pt-Ce-Ba/γ-Al2O3 Catalysts. Chemical Engineering Journal2017. 325:700-707.SCI

5. Pan WangJing YiChuan Sun, Peng Luo, Lili Lei. Evaluation of H2 on the evolution mechanism of NOx storage and reduction over Pt-Ba-Ce/γ-Al2O3 catalysts. Engineering. 2019. 5 (2019) 568–575.SCI

6. Pan WangDan YuGang WuFarhan SheikhJunheng Liu. NOx adsorption and desorption of a Mn-incorporated NSR catalyst Pt/Ba/Ce/xMn/γ-Al2O3. Environmental Science and Pollution Research2019(2019) 26:27888–27896. SCI

7. Pan WangaJing YiaNnabuike EzukwokebKai LiaLili Lei. Mechanism Investigation of Hydrocarbon Emissions from In-Cylinder Post Injection Effect on NO Oxidation over a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. J. Phys. Chem. A201912337):8009-8016. SCI

8. Wu Yan, Wang Pan*, Sheikh Muhammad Farhan, Yi Jing, Lei Lili. Effect of post-injection on combustion and exhaust emissions in DI diesel engine. Fuel. 2582019116131. SCI

9. Pan Wang*, Chenrui Cui, Kai Li, Jing Yi, Lili Lei. The effect of Mn content on catalytic activity of the Co-Mn-Ce catalysts for propane oxidation: Importance of lattice defect and surface active species. Catalysis Letters (2019). SCI

10. Sheikh Muhammad Farhan, Wang Pan,Wu Yan, Yi Jing, Lei Lili. Impact of post-injection strategies on combustion and unregulated emissions during different loads in an HSDI diesel engine. Fuel 267 (2020) 1172561.SCI



Jiangsu   Province "six talents peak program" subsidized   scholar

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