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Tang Dong
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Tang Dong



Professional Title



Power   Machinery Engineering




Short Biography

Graduated from the major of internal   combustion engine in Jiangsu institute of technology in 1991 and was awarded   my Ph.D. in 2007 at Jiangsu university. I was promoted to Professor in 2009.   In 2005-2006 I was a visiting scholar at Aachen university of technology in   Germany.

Teaching Courses

Principle   and Theory of ICE——Bilingual Teaching

Turbo-charging   of ICE——Bilingual Teaching

Research Fields

Alternative   fuels of ICE and new energy application,

Combustion   and emissions controlling of power machinery.

Selected Publications

1) Dong   Tang et al., The Simulation on Temperature and Thermal Stress of Leakage   Current Particulate Matter Sensor on Diesel EngineJournal of Sensors201920191-8. SCI

2) Dong Tang et al., The simulation and experimental research of   particulate matter sensor on diesel engine with diesel particulate filter,   Sensors and Actuators A-Physical, 2017, 259160-170. SCI

3) Dong Tang et al., New leakage current particulate matter   sensor for on-board diagnosticsJournal of Sensors201620161-8.   SCI

4) Dong Tang et al., Research on the Performance of Tubular   Cathode for Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell, Russian Journal of Electrochemistry,   2017, 53(5)429-434. SCI

5) Dong   Tang et al., Modeling and simulation of mass transfer process of tubular   cathode in a direct ethanol fuel cellElectrochemistry201583(11)962-968.   SCI

6) Dong Tang et al., Experimental investigation of the diesel engine with   charged agglomerator coupling DPFInternational   Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment201920(1)63-78.   EI

7) Dong Tang et al., Combustion and emission characteristics of an off-road   diesel engine fuelled with biodiesel diesel blendsInternational   Journal of Sustainable Energy201534(7)417-430.   EI

8) Dong Tang et al., Simulation of gas-solid two-phase flow of particulate   matter sensor for diesel engine, Neiranji Gongcheng/Chinese Internal   Combustion Engine Engineering, 201536(3)147-151.   (In Chinese) EI

9)   Dong Tang et al., Simulation and experimental study of the combustion and   injection characteristics of small non-road diesel engine fueled with   diesel/bio-diesel blendsInternational   Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment201415(1)1-18.   EI

10) Dong Tang et al., Research on development and application of new particulate   matter sensor, 2013 2nd International Conference on Measurement,   Instrumentation and Automation, ICMIA 2013, Guilin. EI


1. Science and Technology Progress Prizes awarded by   Jiangsu Province Government, 2004

2. Scientific Paper Prizes awarded by Zhenjiang City Government, 2010

3. Science and Technology Progress Prizes awarded by Chinese Association of   Machinery Industry, 2010

4. The follow projects are being studied:

(1) Research   on the transient response characteristics between charge transport and   particle concentration in the leakage current PM sensorNational   Natural Science Fund of China (51876085)

(2) Study on   real-time regeneration mechanism of CDPF in diesel engineOpen Fund of mobile   source emission control technology national engineering laboratory   (NELMS2017C05)

(3) Research   and development of the key technology of ultra-high temperature automobile   exhaust temperature sensor based on micro- and nano-elementkey research   and development program in Jiangsu province(BE2016141)

(4) Research on the characteristics of particle charging in a leakage   current PM sensor. Sichuan Key Laboratory for Automotive Measurement Control   and Safety (QCCK2019-001) in Sichuan Province of China.

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