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Du Jiayi
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Du Jiayi



Professional Title

Associate   professor


Power Machinery   Engineering




Short Biography

Learning   experience:

1985/09 - 1989/07,   Jiangsu Institute of Technology, bachelor

1989/09 - 1992/05,   Jiangsu Institute of Technology, master

Work experience:

1992/05 – 2003/03,   Department of Power Mechanical Engineering,

School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu   University, lecturer

2003/04 – today, School   of Automotive and Traffic Engineering,

Jiangsu University, Associate professor

Teaching Courses

Principle of ICE, Design of ICE

Research Fields

Alternative fuels of ICE and emissions   controlling of power machinery

Selected Publications

1. Principles of internal combustion engine, co-edited, China   Machine Press, January 2019

2. Internal combustion engine science, co-edited, China Machine   Press, June 2018

3. Diesel fuel supply and regulation, co-edited, China Machine   Press, April 2011

4. DU Jia-yi, CHANG Zhen-zhen, etc, Influence of   DOC on the microstructure and SOF components of particulate matters from a   diesel engine fueled with biodiesel-diesel blend, China Environmental   Science, 2018,38(1)83~90,(EI

5.   Du Jiayi, Wei Song, etc, Effects of DOC+POC on characteristics of particulate   matter from diesel engine fueled with biodiesel blendsTransactions   of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering (Transactions of the   CSAE), 2017,33(22): 6974,(EI)

6.   DU Jia-yi, ZHOU Ren-shuang, etc, Impacts of DOC on PM emission from diesel   engine fueled with biodiesel blends ,China Environmental Science, 2017,37(2)497~502,(EI)

7.   Du Jiayi, Li Jun, etc, Experiments on combustion and emission particulate   size distribution characteristics of diesel engine fueled with   methanol-blending biodiesel fuel, Transactions of the Chinese Society of   Agricultural Engineering (Transactions of the CSAE), 2016, 32(12): 7580,(EI)

8. Jiayi Du,   Hailing Li, etc Control strategy and realization of dual fuel engine with   intake premixed methanol on turbocharging diesel engine, Advanced Materials   Research,2013,Vol.614-615,(EI)

. Jiayi   DU, Weixun Zhang, etc, Effect of cetane number improver on   emission characteristics of methanol/diesel blend fuel, Advanced Materials   Research ,2012,Vol. 512-515,(EI)

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