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Xiuliang Zhao
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Xiuliang Zhao




Professional Title

Associate professor


Power Machinery Engineering 




Short Biography


2013.09-2017.09, PhD in School of Energy & Power Engineering, Shandong University

2006.09-2013.06, Bachelor and Master in School of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Shandong Jianzhu University


2020.06-Present, Associate Professor in School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University

2017.09-2020.05, lecturer in School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University

Teaching Courses

Vibration and Noise Control of Internal Combustion Engine

Control Engineering Fundamentals

Research Fields

Vibration signal analysis

Battery management system

Testing analysis and control technology

Selected Publications

1. Limei Wang, Sibing Qiao, Dong Lu, Ying Zhang, Chaofeng Pan, Zhigang He, Xiuliang Zhao*, Ruochen Wang, State of health estimation of lithium-ion battery in wide temperature range via temperature-aging coupling mechanism analysis, Journal of Energy Storage, 2022, 47: 103618.

2. Bangxiong Pan, Xiaodan Zhao, Limei Wang, Xiuliang Zhao*, Identification of start of combustion based on contribution level of principal component in vibration signal of cylinder head surface, Applied Acoustics, 2022, 189: 108632.

3. Xiuliang Zhao, Zhengyu Yang, Bangxiong Pan, et al., Analysis of excitation source characteristics and their contribution in a 2-cylinder diesel engine, Measurement, 2021, 176(9): 109195.

4. Xiuliang Zhao, Zequan Li, Zhipeng Li, Limei Wang*, Combustion parameters estimation based on multi-channel vibration acceleration signals, Applied Thermal Engineering, 2019, 158, 113835.

5. Limei Wang, Junyan Niu, Wen Zhao, Guochun Li, Xiuliang Zhao*, Study on electrochemical and thermal characteristics of lithiumion battery using the electrochemical-thermal coupled model, International Journal of Energy Research, 2019, 43: 2086-2107.

6. Limei Wang, Dong Lu, Qiang Liu, Liang Liu, Xiuliang Zhao*, State of charge estimation for LiFePO4 battery via dual extended kalman filter and charging voltage curve,Electrochimica Acta, 2019, 296: 1009-1017.

7. Xiuliang Zhao, Yong Cheng*, Shaobo Ji, Combustion parameters identification and correction in diesel engine via vibration acceleration signal, Applied Acoustics, 2017, 116:205-215.

8. Xiuliang Zhao, Yong Cheng*, Limei Wang, Shaobo Ji, Real time identification of the internal combustion engine combustion parameters based on the vibration velocity signal, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2017, 390: 205-217.

9. Xiuliang Zhao, Yong Cheng*, Limei Wang, Shaobo Ji, On-line identification of maximum rate of pressure rise based on vibration velocity signals, Transactions of CSICE, 2016, 34(1): 74-80.

10. Xiuliang Zhao, Yong Cheng*, Limei Wang, Improvement of SNR of vibration response signal excited by in-cylinder pressure using pattern recognition method, Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2015, 49(5): 637-643.

11. Xiuliang Zhao, Lingyi Kong, Ruochen Wang, Xiaohua Li, Limei Wang, Characterization parameters of high frequency harmonics caused by combustion excitation in cylinder pressure signal, Journal of Jiangsu University, 2020, 41(2): 187-191.


1. Xiuliang Zhao, Bangxiong Pan, Wenyao Zhao, Ruochen Wang, Limei Wang, A method for calculating contribution level of non-combustion excitation signal based on partial coherence function, China Patent, ZL 202010647022.2.

2. Yong Cheng, Xiuliang Zhao, Method for improving signal-to-noise ratio of internal combustion engine surface vibration signal based on pattern recognition, China Patent, ZL 201310721556.5.

3. Yong Cheng, Xiuliang Zhao, Limei Wang, A method for identifying combustion parameters based on vibration acceleration characteristic points, China Patent, ZL 201610195850.0.

4. Yong Cheng, Xiuliang Zhao, A method for identifying maximum pressure rise rate based on vibration velocity signal, China Patent, ZL 201610195062.1.

5. Limei Wang, Xiuliang Zhao, Liang Liu, et al., A matching test center system for battery packs and battery management systems, China Patent, ZL 201710354689.1.

6. Limei Wang, Sibing Qiao, Xiuliang Zhao, et al., Estimation method of battery state of health based on standard sample and dual-embedded decoupling, China Patent, ZL 202110105834.9.

7. Limei Wang, Dong Lu, Xiuliang Zhao, et al., On-line estimation method of battery state of health in wide temperature range based on “standardized temperature”, China Patent, ZL 202010468280.4.

8. Limei Wang, Dong Lu, Xiuliang Zhao, Junyan Niu, Online estimation method of battery internal temperature based on charging voltage curve, China Patent, ZL 201811325061.X.

9. Limei Wang, Qiang Liu, Dong Lu, Liang Liu, Guochun Li, Xiuliang Zhao, Mingchao Song, Enlong Wang, Solving method for open circuit voltage and state of health of battery pack based on constant current charge and discharge voltage curve, China Patent, ZL 201810584174.5.

10. Limei Wang, Sibing Qiao, Mingchao Song, Guochun Li, Xiuliang Zhao, Chaofeng Pan, Calibration method for temperature-sensitive frequency band of electrochemical impedance spectrum characteristic quantities in battery life cycle, China Patent, ZL 201910656106.X.

Hosted Projects

1. Study on compensation of combustion information and quantitative evaluation of combustion parameters based on time-frequency tuning characteristics of internal combustion engine vibration signals, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2020.01-2022.12.

2. Study on compensation and evaluation of combustion information in vibration signal of wide distillate fuel internal combustion engine based on percentage contribution, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, 2019.10-2021.07.

3. Quantitative evaluation of combustion information based on low frequency compensation and multi-feature fusion of vibration signal, Project of Natural Science Research in Jiangsu Colleges and Universities, 2019.09-2021.08.


Excellent Academic Tutor of Jiangsu University (2020)

Vice President of Science and Technology, "Entrepreneurship and innovation plan" in Jiangsu Province (2018)

Provincial Level Outstanding Graduate, Shandong Province (2017)

‘Xue Yusheng’ Scholarship, Shandong University (2016)

Excellent Postgraduate, Shandong University (2014)

‘Wei Chai’ Scholarship, Shandong University (2014)

3nd Paper Prize in ICE United Conference in East China (2014)

Outstanding Graduate, Shandong Jianzhu University (2013)




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