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Liang Jun
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Liang Jun





the   subject of doctoral supervisor

Transport Engineering

the subject of Master's Supervisor

Transport Engineering

The   subject

Transport Engineering

Master's Supervisor/   doctoral supervisor

doctoral supervisor




Positions   Held

1. Professor, doctoral supervisor and Institute Director in Automotive   Engineering Research   Institute, Jiangsu University. 2016.09-

2. Visiting scholar / Distinguished   Associate Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering in Japan's Shizuoka   University of Science and Technology. 2014/10-2015/10

3. Associate professor, Master's   Supervisor and Institute Director in Automotive Engineering   Research   Institute, Jiangsu   University. 2011/02-2016/08

4. Associate professor, Master's Supervisor and Subdean in Computer and Communication   Engineering Institute, Jiangsu University. 2010/04-2011/01

5. Lecturer and Subdean in Computer   and Communication Engineering Institute, Jiangsu University. 2004/08-2010/03

6. Teaching assistant in Computer and Communication Engineering   Institute, Jiangsu University. 2001/08-2004/07

7. Teaching assistant in Computer   Center, Zhenjiang Teachers College.   1999/09-2001/07

Social   positions

A member of China Intelligent   Transportation Association, China Automotive Engineering Society, China   Highway Society and Chinese Society of Systems Engineering. Deputy Director   of  Jiangsu "Industrial Network Security Technology" Key   Laboratory and Jiangsu New Energy Vehicles Running Intelligent Technology   Engineering Laboratory. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation   SystemsIEEE Transactions   on Neural Networks and Learning SystemsSimulation   Modelling Practice and Theory. Reviewers of journal   of Transportation Engineering, journal   of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information, Automotive   Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University   and journal of   Zhejiang University of Technology. Expert in Letter from the National Natural   Science Foundation of China. Expert in Degree and Postgraduate Education   Development Center of the Ministry of Education Dissertation Online Commentary,   One of the first experts in the OpenITS Research Initiative.


Undergraduate"New   Technologies for Vehicle Networking", "Intelligent Transportation   System", "Modeling and Foundation of Traffic Systems",   "Traffic Safety and Accident Analysis", "Computer Basics and   Programming", "Practical Software".

Master: "Traffic Flow Theory   and Simulation Technology", "Traffic Network Analysis and   Simulation Technology", "Traffic Information Control Technology and   Application"


1. Road traffic information   processing and simulation technology

2. Active driving safety theory and   control technology

3. Electric vehicle intelligent and   networking technology

Working   papers and Publications

1.    The driving   active service system model based on MAS for internet of vehicle environment   (in Chinese). Sci Sin Tech,2016

2.    Manifold   Regularized Proximal Support Vector Machine via Generalized Eigenvalue. Int.   J. Computational Intelligence Systems.2016

3.    Design of   Vehicle Acceleration Controller Based on Parallel Neural Network PIDJournal of Southwest Jiaotong University.2016

4.    Complete Large   Margin Linear Discriminant Analysis Using Mathematical Programming   Approach.Pattern Recognition.2013

5.    Summary of the   Development of Intelligent Vehicle and Intelligent Transportation   System.Advanced Materials Research Journal.2013

6.    An Improved   Twin Support Vector Regression with Automatic Margin Determination.Indonesian   Journal of Electrical Engineering.2013

7.    Dynamic Neural   Network-Based Integrated Learning Algorithm for Driver Behavior.Journal of   Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology.2012

8.    Discriminant   Kernel Learning Using Hybrid Regularization.Neural Processing Letters.2012

9.    An Improved   Twin Support Vector Regression with Automatic Margin Determination.Indonesian   Journal of Electrical Engineering.2011

10.   Optimal Locality   Regularized Least Squares Support Vector Machine via Alternating   Optimization.Neural Processing Letters.2011

11.   Recursive Projection   Twin Support Vector Machine via Within-Class Variance Minimization.Pattern   Recognition.2011

12.   A Flexible Support   Vector Machine for Regression.Neural Computing and Applications.2011

13.   An Improved Twin   Support Vector Machine for Regression with Newton-Armijo Method.Soft   Computing.2011

14.   GPTSVM: A Fast   Projection Twin Support Vector Machine via Geometric Interpretation.Expert Systems   with Applications.2011

15.   Research on the   attributes of rational agent’s internal states. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE   REVIEW.2011

16.   Robust and Sparse   Twin Support Vector Regression via Linear Programming.Proceedings of Chinese   Conference on Pattern Recognition.2010

17.   Support Vector   Regression with Automatic Margin Control.Proceedings of Chinese Conference on   Pattern Recognition.2010

18.   Smooth Twin Support   Vector Regression.Neural Computing and Applications.2010

19.   Multi-Agent and   Driving Behavior Based Rear-End Collision Alarm Modeling and Simulating.   Simulation Modelling Practice And Theory.2010

20.   Multi-agent based   evolutional algorithm in medicine image segmentation. Journal of   Communication and Computer.2009

21.   Study on MRF and REF   to Semi-Supervised Classification. Lecture Notes in Electrical   Engineering.2009

Research   projects

1.    National Key   Research and Development Program (Basic Frontiers) Sub-topic   "Heterogeneous Open Embedded Software Platform for Smart Electric   Vehicles" .2017

2.    China   Postdoctoral Science Foundation (First Class): Driving Analysis and System   Modeling of Driving Service System for Car Network .2016

3.    The second   installment of science and technology deputy general manager of Jiangsu   Province " innovative and entrepreneurial  Doctor “.2016

4.    Jiangsu   Province, Graduate Teaching Reform Project: independent driving simulation   platform for graduate students to develop innovative ability and traffic flow   theory teaching reform and practice.2016

5.    National   Natural Science Foundation of China: Car networking for the truth of the road   accident chain dynamic evolution and its blocking method.2015

6.    Jiangsu   Province, six high-level talent selection and training of high-level talent:   driving active service system of key technologies.2015

7.    Jiangsu   Provincial Development and Reform Commission Information Project: Vehicle   operation and safety initiative to prevent and control information exchange   system based on car networking .2013

8.    National   Statistical Science Research Project: Logistics economic activity boom condition analysis based on   intelligent IoT system construction .2013

9.    National   Natural Science Foundation of China: Large structure feature extraction algorithm driven by data   intrinsic structure and its application

10.   Jiangsu Provincial   Government Scholarship Fund: Study on the Formation and Evolution of Traffic Accident Chain

11.   Jiangsu University   Youth Support Fund: Car - oriented network car driving service system model   construction .2012

12.   National Natural   Science Foundation of China: Vehicle rear-end warning model based on Multi-agent and   driving behavior.2012

13.   Ministry of   Communications Information Project: Road traffic accident chain blocking method and active safety   integrated control system of key technologies.2012

14.   Doctor of Jiangsu   Province ordinary university innovation plan: MAAM: A new model of vehicle   rear-end collision warning system .2011

15.   Research on rear-end   collision warning model based on MAS and driver behavior .2010

16.   Jiangsu Provincial   Natural Science Foundation of China: Based on Multi-Agent Theory Vehicle   Rear-end Alert Model. 2010

Awards   and Achievements

1.    National   Excellent Doctoral Dissertation in Intelligent Transportation.2016

2.    China   Intelligent Transportation Association Science and Technology Award (second   prize) .2016

3.    China   Federation of Commerce Science and Technology Award (first prize) .2016

4.    Deputy Director   of Jiangsu Province, "Industrial Network Security Technology" Key   Laboratory  .2016

5.    Jiangsu   University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute pioneering mentor .2016

6.    Outstanding   teacher of Jiangsu University, Jingjiang Institute of .2013

7.    Key member of   Jiangsu Province, colleges and universities "blue project" science   and technology innovation team .2012

8.    Study abroad   scholarship of Jiangsu provincial government .2012

9.    Jiangsu   Province outstanding master's degree thesis .2010

10.   Jiangsu Provincial   Science and Technology Progress Award (third prize) (10/10) .2009

11.   Jiangsu University   fourth outstanding teaching quality award (third prize) .2009

12.   Jiangsu University   trade union activists .2009

13.   Jiangsu University   Teaching Achievement Award (first prize) .2009

14.   Jiangsu University   outstanding master's degree thesis .2009

15.   Zhenjiang outstanding   scientific and technological papers third prize .2009

16.   Advanced Individual   of Jiangsu University (Year-end Examination A) .2003,2008,2009,2013,2015

17.   Jiangsu University   Excellent Teaching Award (third prize) .2008

18.   Jiangsu University   Excellent Teaching Award .2007

19.   China Robot   Competition third prize in RoboCup group .2006

20.   Jiangsu University   excellent teacher.2002-20032003-20042004-2005


Authorized patents

1.    Method and   system of undocumented driving assistant identification based on identity   information.2016

2.    Energy   Management Method of Hybrid Electric Vehicles Based on Multi - Agent   Technology.2016

3.    Service method   based on car networking vehicle breakdown wisdom service system.2016

4.    Traffic   accident modeling and control method based on sparse multi - output   regression.2016

5.    A vehicle   steering and warning lights fault detection and alarm device.2016

6.    Laser-based   device and method for detecting the distance between a vehicle head and an   obstacle.2015

7.    Auxiliary   identification methods and systems for intercepting license plate   vehicles.2015

8.    A Real-time   Traffic Accident Risk Control Method for Roads.2015

9.    Mobile smart   housekeeper.2015

10.   Tire pressure   monitoring method and system based on wireless sensor.2014

11.   BDS - based Traffic   Accident Information Processing System and Its Processing Method.2015

12.   A Multi-label Image   Recognition Method.2013

13.   A Method for   Protecting Privacy Data in Association Rules Mining.2011

14.   A Reversing Scene   Front File Level Virtual Display Technology and Forward Reversing Operation   Scheme.2013

15.   Automotive safety   distance measurement and collision avoidance device based on GPS.2013

Applied patent

1.    Active sensing   system and method of driving service in car networking environment.

International Invention Patent (PCT).2016

2.    Sensing system   and method of Local driving environment ahead.2016

3.    A Calculation   Method of Suitability of Electric Bus Based on Fuzzy Algorithm.2016

4.    Efficiency   Evaluation Method Under Vehicle Networked Environment.2016

5.    Active system   and method of electric bus based on crowding under car networking environment.2016

6.    Evaluation   system and method of driving active service under car networking environment.2016

7.    A Method for   Extracting Internet News Profiles.2016

8.    Resource   scheduling measurement method based on TD-LTE for vehicle-road information   exchange in a car networking environment.2016

9.    A remote fault   diagnosis system and method for tractor in tea plantation.2016

10.   Service Demand   Dynamic Acquisition and Construction Method for Car Active Service System for   Car Network.2016

11.   Intelligent   navigation system and method based on real-time traffic information under car   networking environment.2016

12.   Road Accident Chain   Evolution System and Blocking Method for Car Network.2016

13.   A system and method   based on WSN hang-off transport trailer positioning.2013

14.   Dispatch system and   method based on WSN for thruster transport tractor and trailer.2013

15.   Thruster transport   tractor and trailer matching system and method based on WSN.2013

16.   Throw-away wireless   sensor energy-saving method based on WSN.2013

17.   Intelligent Fuel   Saving Method of Motor Vehicles Based on Ecological Driving Behavior.2013

Software Copyright

1.    Road vehicles   real-time information collection test software. V1.0.2015

2.    Road vehicles   real-time information collection and management system server software. V1.0.2015

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