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Liu QingChao
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Liu Qingchao



Professional Title

Associate Professor


Traffic Perception &   Intelligent Vehicles Research Center




Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D. (2012.2-2015.12),   Traffic Engineering, Southeast University

M.S. (2009.9-2011.12),   Computer Engineering, Jiangsu University

B.E. (2005.9-2009.6),   Computer Engineering, Jiangsu University

Working Experience

2019.5 - Now, Associate Professor, Automotive   Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2015.12-2019.5, Lecturer, Automotive   Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

Teaching Courses

Traffic Flow Theory

Traffic Control

Intelligent Transportation System

Research Fields

1connected and autonomous   vehicle

2traffic safety

3traffic signal control

4Human-machine cooperation

Selected Publications

(1) Qingchao Liu,  Yingfeng   Cai, Haobin Jiang, Long Chen, Traffic state prediction using ISOMAP manifold   learning, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 2018,   532-541 (SCI)

(2) Qingchao Liu,  Yingfeng   Cai, Haobin Jiang, Xiaobo Chen, Traffic State Spatial-Temporal Characteristic   Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting Based on   Manifold Similarity, IEEE   Access, 2018, 6, 9690 - 9702 (SCI)

(3) Qingchao Liu,  Short-Term   Traffic Speed Forecasting Based on Attention   Convolutional Neural   Network for Arterials, Computer-Aided Civil and   Infrastructure   Engineering, 2018, 33, 999-1016. (SCI)

(4) Qingchao Liu,  Jian   Lu, Urban Road Traffic State Level Classification Based on   Dynamic   Ensemble Learning Algorithm, 17th CICTP.  (EI)

(5) Qingchao Liu,  Jian   Lu, Traffic state prediction method based on capacity area, Journal of Physics,   2014, 63(14), 140504. (SCI)

(6) Qingchao Liu,  Jian   Lu, Shuyan Chen, Naïve Bayes Classifier Ensemble for Traffic Incident     Detection, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol. 2014, Article ID     383671, 2014.  (SCI)

(7) Qingchao Liu,     Jian Lu, Shuyan Chen, Design and Analysis of Traffic Incident Detection Based     on Random Forest, Journal of Southeast University (English Edition),   2014,   30(1): 88-95.  (EI)

(8) Qingchao Liu,  Naïve   Bayes Classifier Ensemble for Traffic Incident Detection,     Transportation Research Board 93rd Annual Meeting, 2014, January 12-16,     Washington, D.C.

(9) X Chen, X Cai, J Liang, Qingchao Liu, Ensemble   learning   multiple LSSVR with improved harmony search algorithm for   short-term traffic   flow forecasting, IEEE Access , 6, 9347-9357.    (SCI)

(10) Z Su, Qingchao Liu, Y Cai, H Jiang,   J Lu, Short-time traffic   state forecasting using adaptive neighborhood   selection based on expansion   strategy. IEEE Access, 2018, 6:   48210-48223.  (SCI)

(11) X Chen, Y Cai, Qingchao Liu, L   Chen, Nonconvex-Norm Regularized   Sparse Self-Representation for   Traffic Sensor Data Recovery, IEEE Access, 6,  24279-24290.  (SCI)

(12) Jian Lu, Qingchao Liu, Grafted   Decision Tree for Freeway   Incident Detection, CICTP 2014: Safe, Smart,   and Sustainable Multimodal   Transportation Systems.  (EI)

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