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Zhou HaiChao
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Zhou Haichao

Professional Title

Associate Professor


Traffic Transportation Engineering




Short Biography


2008.9-2013.12, Jiangsu University, School of   Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Doctor Engineering (Master-Doctor   Combined Program)

2004.09-2008.06, Agricultural University of Henan,   Bachelor of Engineering


2014.01-Present, Jiangsu University, School of   Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Associate Professor

2014.12-2017.12,   Jiangsu University, Traffic Engineering, Post-doctoral

Teaching Courses

Automobile Application Engineering ; Transportation Organization   and Managemeng

Research Fields

Tire aerodynamics; Modern Automotive Tire   technology and CAE Simulation Analysis

Selected   Publications

[1] Zhou   Haichao, Wang Guolin, Yang Jian, Xue Kaixin. Numerical Simulation of the   Effect of Bionic V-riblet Non-smooth Surface on Tire Anti-hydroplaningJournal of   Central South University, 2015, 22: 3900-3908.
  [2] Zhou Haichao
Wan   GuolinDing   YangminYang   JianZhai   Huiui. Investigation of the Effect of Dimple Bionic Nonsmooth Surface on Tire   AntihydroplaningApplied   Bionics and Biomechanics, 2015. doi:10.1155/2015/694068.
  [3] Zhou Haichao
Wan   GuolinDing   YangminYang   Jian   Liang ChenFu   Jing. Effect of Friction Model and Tire Maneuvering on Tire-Pavement Contact   StressAdvances   in Materials Science and Engineering, 2015. doi:10.1155/2015/632647

[4] Zhou H, Zhai H,   Ding Y, et al. Numerical investigation of passive control flow to improve   tire hydroplaning performance using a V-riblet non-smooth surface[J].   Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 2017, 9(11): 1687814017727249
  [5] Wang Guolin
Zhou   Haichao*Yang   JianLiang   ChenJin   Liang. Study on the Influence of Bionic Non-smooth Surface on Water Flow in   Antiskid Tire Tread Pattern, Journal of Donghua University(English Edition),   2013, 304:336-342
  [6] Guolin Wang, Haichao Zhou*
Mao Zhujun, Gao Long. Boundary element analysis of   rolling tire noise. 2011 International Conference on Transportation and   Mechanical & Electrical EngineeringChan chun, 2011:2944-2947
  [7] Pei Xiaopeng, Wang Guolin, Zhou Haichao, Zhao Fan, Yang Jian. Influence   of tread structure design parameters on tire vibration noise, Proceedings of   SAE-China Congress 2015, 2016, Shang Hai, 364: 325-338
  [8] Haichao Zhou, Guolin Wang, Jian Yang, et al. Simulation and Analysis of   the Bypass Influences on Tire Noise[J]. Research Journal of Applied Sciences,   Engineering and Technology, 2014, 7
3:   576-580.


1.      Outstanding prize of the 20th China Patent Award, 2018

2.      Second prize of Scientific and Technological Advancement by   Henan Province, 2019

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