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Chen Yuexia
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Chen Yuexia




Professional Title



Transportation Engineering




Short Biography

2001.09-2005.06 Nanjing Normal University, Mathematics and   Applied Mathematics, Bachelor

2005.09-2007.06 High school teachers   of Changzhou Xiaohe middle school

2007.09-2010.12 Jiangsu university, Basic   mathematics, Master

2011.09-2017.09, Vehicle Operation   Engineering, Doctor

2017.11-now Jiangsu university, School   of Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Transportation   Engineering

Teaching Courses

Logistics management   information system》、《Logistics   technology and equipment》、《Intelligent   transportation system》、《Utility   software,   etc.

Research Fields

1.    Traffic behavior analysis theory

2.    Vehicle system dynamics control

Selected Publications

1. Chen Yuexia, Chen Long,   Huang Chen, et al. A dynamic tire model based on HPSO-SVM[J]. International   Journal Agricultural and Biological Engineering, 2019, 12(2): 36-41. (SCI,   IF:1.349)

2. Chen Yuexia, Chen Long, Wang   Ruochen, et al. Modeling and test on height adjustment system of   electrically-controlled air suspension for agricultural vehicles[J].   International Journal Agricultural and Biological Engineering, 2016, 9(2):   40-47.(SCI, IF:1.007)

3. Chen Yuexia, Chen Long, Xu   Xing, et al. Chaotic motion in a nonlinear car model excited by   multi-frequency road surface profile[J]. Chinese Journal of Mechanical   Engineering, 2017, 30(3):689-697. (SCI, IF: 0.598)

4. Chen Yuexia, Chen Long, Zha   Qifen, et al. Forecasting model of travel mode based on latent variable   SVM[J]. Journal of Southeast University, 2016, 46(6):1314-1317. (EI)

5. Chen Yuexia, Chen Long, Xu   Xing, et al. Vehicle Height   Control of Electronic-controlled Air Suspension under Random Disturbance[J].   Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, 2015, 46(12):309-315. (EI)

6. Chen Yuexia, Chen Long,   Huang Chen, et al. Research on the performance matching between the body   height adjusting system and the whole vehicle of ECAS[J]. Journal of Vibration,   Measurement & Diagnosis, 2013, 33(S1):73-76. (EI)

7. Chen Yuexia, Chen Long, Zha   Qifen. Carbon   emissions measurement of urban traffic individual in Zhenjiang[J]. Journal of Jiangsu University: Natural Science   Edition, 2015, 36(6):645-649.

8. Chen Yuexia, Chen Long, Zha   Qifen, et al. A Travel Mode Forecasting Model Based on Low-carbon   Psychological Latent Variable Logit Model[J]. Journal of Highway and Transportation Research and Development, 2017,   34(9):100-108.

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