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Sun Liqin
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Sun Liqin



Professional   Title

Associate   professor, Ph.D.




Short Biography

1998-2002:   Jiangsu University

2002-2019:   Teacher and researcher of Jiangsu University

2010-2019:   Factory inspector of China Quality Certification Center (Vehicle Engineering)

2015.8-2016.7:   Visiting scholar of Wayne State University

Teaching Courses

New Energy Vehicle》、《Automobile Application   Engineering》、《Fundamentals of Logistics》、《Logistics Equipment》、《Automotive and Transportation   Topics》、《Automobile Marketing

Research Fields

Dynamic   simulation of new energy vehicle chassis

Modeling,   simulation and control of vehicle suspension system

Analysis   of vibration characteristics of hub motor

Auto   adaptive headlight intelligence and driving safety control

Undertake projects

1Mechanism analysis of the cooperative   system of hub direct drive and air suspension and its self-organizing   predictive control, project of national natural science foundation of China   (surface project) 51975254, principal.

2Analysis and control of vehicle body   height adjustment mechanism based on Ito stochastic theory, national natural   science foundation of China (surface project) 51105177, principal.

3Modeling of semi-active interconnected   air suspension system and its performance analysis and control. Provincial   innovation fund CXLX12-0656, principal.

4Analysis and control of vehicle height   adjustment mechanism of ECAS based on Ito stochastic theory, National science   foundation for youth program 51105177,2/7.

Selected Publications

1.          Liqin Sun; Yong Lin; Guoqing Geng; Zhongxing Li;   Haobin Jiang Research on Switching Interconnection Modes and Game Control of   Interconnected Air Suspension. Energies. 2019,12. SCI

2.          Xu, Xing;Sun, Liqin;Cui, Zhen;Ju, Longyu. Stability   analysis of electronically controlled air suspension ride height system based   on center manifold method[J] SCI

3.          Sun li qin,Yuan Xi teng,Ma Jin lin. Evaluation of   machinary-parts suppliers based on modified grey-AH[J].Journal   of food and machinery

4.          Sun li qin,Li Zhong xing,Shen Xu-feng,Zhao Hua   wei.Model and simulaiton of air spring stiffness characteristics   based on van der Waals equationAdvanced   Materials ResearchEI

5.          Sun li qin, Li Zhong xing, Shen Xu feng. Characteristics   Simulation and Experimental Researchof Air Spring with Auxiliary Chamber[J]. Journal   of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

6.          Sun li qin, Li Zhong xing,Shen Xu-feng, Guo Ji   wei.Simulation and Test of ASAC Dynamic Characteristic based on ABAQUS.Advanced   Materials ResearchEI

7.          Sun li qin, Li Zhong xing, Shen Xu-feng, Guo Ji wei. Test   Study of the Effect of Connecting Pipe on Dynamic Characteristics of Air   Spring with Auxiliary Chamber[J].Journal of Mechanical Design and   Manufacturing

8.          Sun li qin,Li Zhong xing,Shen Xu feng,etc.Simulation   and test study on dynamic characteristic of air spring with auxiliary chamberApplied Mechanics and Materials, EI

9.          Xu Xing; Chen Long; Sun   Li qin, etc. Dynamic Ride Height Adjusting Controller of ECAS Vehicle   with Random Road Disturbances[J].Mathematical Problems in   Engineering, SCI

10.      Xu Xing, Sun Li   qin, Pan Chao feng, etc. Index Calculation of Automobile Ride Comfort   Based on Butterworth Filter[J].Journal of Chongqing Jiaotong University(Natural   Science)

11.      Sun li qin, Jiang Hao bin, Yang Ru quan. Simulation   and Test Research on Adjustable Damping Shock Absorber Performance Based on   Co-Programming Technology[J].Automobile Technology

12.      Jiang Haobin, Sun   Li qin, Yang Ru quan, Chen Long. Simulation and Testing Research on   Damping Characteristics of Air-charged Split-type Adjustable Shock Absorber[J].Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural   Machinery


1.          Invention patented: a   high and low pressure cavity closed-loop air suspension system   self-pressurization system, 2016, 1/4.

2.          Invention patented:   an adjustable control valve connecting an air spring to an additional air   chamber flow area ZL201110107061.4, 2/5. 2012.


1Second award of science and technology   progress award of the Ministry of education, 2014

2Project of National Youth Science   Foundation of China: analysis and control of ECAS vehicle body height   adjustment mechanism based on ITO random theory, conclusion2/112016

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