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Prof. Wang Pan's Team of Our University Has Published a Series of Research Results in Combustion and Flame and Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, the International Top Journals in the Field of Combustion
Date:2022/09/05 | View:

Recently, professor Wang Pan's research team of our school published an academic paper in Combustion and Flame, the top international top journal in the field of combustion, and read an academic paper in Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, the top international conference in the field of combustion. Jiangsu University is the first unit and the only communication unit. Professor Wang Pan is the first author and corresponding author, and doctoral student Li Zonglin is the second author.

Through the Ce based catalyst metal oxide modification, prof. Wang Pan team of different aging state catalyst smoke low temperature catalytic combustion performance and NOx collaborative oxidation performance in the experimental and theoretical research (Fig. 1), the depth reveals the hydrothermal aging and metal oxide modification of Ce based catalyst in NOx synergy in the basis of soot catalytic combustion evolution mechanism. In addition, Prof. Wang Pan's team systematically analyzed and studied the change of soot catalytic combustion performance and the catalytic combustion reaction path change based on the "zero-dimensional" heat transfer and mass transfer model.

The research series was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (52076104,51906089) and the Zhenjiang City Key Research and Development Project (GY2020016). Paper link:

Fig. 1 NOx of fresh and hydrothermal aging Ce-based catalyst

Fig. 2 Changes of soot catalytic combustion reaction path with catalyst catalytic activity

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