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The College of Automotive held an academic lecture on "Development and Challenges of millimeter Wave Communication Technology for Intelligent Connected Vehicles"
Date:2023/11/23 | View:

On November 22, 2023, at 2:00 PM in Conference Room 311, Mr. He Chenyuan from the Department of Transportation of our College held an academic lecture on "The Development and Challenges of millimeter Wave Communication Technology for Intelligent Connected Vehicles", which was chaired by Professor Jing Peng, vice president of the College of Automotive.

5G millimeter wave communication technology, with a range of frequency bands from 24GHz to 86GHz, can build a super bandwidth of up to 800MHz, provide 10Gbps ultra-high communication rate, and has low delay, flexible air configuration, small device size and other characteristics, thus becoming the next generation of intelligent connected vehicle communication has great potential development direction. However, the application of millimeter wave communication technology in vehicle networking also faces many challenges. The complex and changeable traffic environment, high mobility of vehicles, a wide variety of heterogeneous data in vehicle networking and the communication characteristics of millimeter wave itself are coupled with each other, making the transmission of millimeter wave data in vehicle networking with high speed, low delay and high reliability become a hot and difficult topic in today's research.

The lecture won unanimous praise from teachers and students, and the teachers and students who participated in the lecture listened attentively and did not stop thinking. After the lecture, everyone launched a heated discussion on the development trend of intelligent connected vehicles in the future.

He Chenyuan's research interests include intelligent connected vehicle communication and control, UAV air traffic management, stochastic network modeling and analysis. He has published more than ten papers in domestic and foreign journals, presided over and participated in a number of national and provincial projects, and served as a reviewer for several international top journal conferences.

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