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The College of Automotive held an education meeting on science ethics and academic integrity for 2023 graduate students
Date:2023/09/15 | View:

On September 12, the College of Automotive Science held the Science Ethics and academic Integrity Education meeting for 2023 graduate students in Room 103 of the Graduate Building. The meeting was presided over by Tao Wangzai, the graduate counselor, and Wang Zhengrong gave a lecture. All 2023 new graduate students of our college attended the meeting.

Teacher Wang Zhengrong made a wonderful sharing on the theme of "Resisting academic misconduct, adhering to the integrity of scientific research", introduced typical incidents of academic misconduct, and made a detailed interpretation of the key contents of relevant documents such as "Five inaccuracies" in Publishing academic papers, "Measures for Preventing and dealing with Academic Misconduct in colleges and Universities" and "Rules for Investigating and dealing with dishonesty in Scientific Research". Finally, Teacher Tao Wangzai called on all new graduate students to "promote the scientific spirit, adhere to scientific ethics, resist academic misconduct, and build a good style of study."

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