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The College of Automotive held a "Future tractor development trend" academic lecture
Date:2023/09/03 | View:

At 16:00 on September 2, 2023, the School of Automotive invited Yituo Shi Jinzhong alumni to return to the school for exchange, and held an academic lecture on "Future Tractor Development Trend" in the conference room 311 of the College of Automotive. The lecture was presided over by Yin Bifeng, dean of the College of Automotive.

The report takes supporting the autonomous, intelligent and green development of China's agricultural power equipment as the main direction of attack, focuses on the development of hilly and mountainous agricultural machinery and intelligent agricultural machinery power equipment technology, focuses on major scientific and technological issues such as the key technologies of high-end intelligent equipment in this field, and starts from four key research directions. Make up the "short board" of key technologies in this field, break through the "card point" of high-performance parts, and create a number of key products of intelligent agricultural machinery and hilly and mountainous agricultural machinery power equipment.

The lecture was well received by teachers and students, and the teachers and students who participated in the lecture listened attentively and were not done. After the lecture, everyone launched a heated discussion on the development trend of future tractors.

Shi Jinzhong, the National Key Laboratory of intelligent agricultural power equipment of Luoyang Tractor Research Institute Co., LTD., professor level senior engineer, the products developed by the provincial level and above science and technology award certificate 4. More than 80 patents were authorized, including 9 invention patents. Participated in the development and release of 5 standards of industry groups. He has published 17 papers, including 7 as the first author.

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