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Service approaches and methods of archive in Jiangsu university
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  The archive is a central custodian of the school archives and an important window for the provision of archival inquiry and services to schools and societies. The service covers a wide range of categories such as party politics, teaching, scientific research and infrastructure. A copy of the archive provided by the archive shall have the same "legal effect" as the original after covering the special seal to the file. In order to effectively play the role of archives, it is convenient for users to inquire and utilize, and the library actively create conditions and provide various service approaches and methods.

  1. Search and use archives service
  Handle in person:The user can bring his or her valid credentials or a letter of introduction to archive to check and use the open archives. The unopened archives need to go through the procedures according to the regulations
  Handle by others: You can entrust your relatives, friends or classmates to handle, but you need to submit the copies of your valid documents (such as graduation certificate, degree certificate, id card, etc.) and authorization letter to the agent and at the same time, the agent must show his valid certificate.
  Translating archives in Chinese and English versions: To handle the Chinese and English translation of testimonial materials of transcript, degree, transcript and so on, the relevant certificate mentioned above、certificate of graduation and original certificate of degree (or clear copy or clear black and white scan) should be carried.
  Materials can be picked up after 1-3 work days.

  2. Courier service
  It is mainly aimed at non-local users who are not able to go to the archives. And the files of the query can be extracted directly from the archives, without the services provided by the cross-section,but it does not support the delivery of "freight collect".

  3. Fax service
  The archive can receive the fax free of charge and can provide the fax service according to the user's requirements (according to the contents of the archive).
  External fax line:0511-88789893

  4. Email service
  Users at home and abroad can contact the archive through email, so as to facilitate the consultation or handling of the enquiry and utilization of archives.
  Service email:

  5. Telephone counseling service
  The user can consult the process and procedures of the inquiry of the archives by telephone, but cannot inquire the contents of the archives by telephone.
  Consulting number:0511-88789893。

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