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Information of degree certification and document translation service in archives of Jiangsu University
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  1. Provide certificates of education, degree and grades
For students graduated from Jiangsu University, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology,Zhenjiang Medical College,Zhenjiang Normal College and Jiangsu metallurgical economy management school, certification of diploma, degree, grades and other supporting documents are provided.

  2. Translating Chinese and English materials such as education、degree、and grade for people going and studying abroad and immigrants
The archives of Jiangsu university makes the Chinese-English "Jiangsu university students' record of the year", "bachelor's degree certificate", "graduation certificate", the format specification, the recognition degree is high. After the seal of the archives, both domestic and foreign institutions are approved, no need to seal or notarize other units.

  3. Accept the certification affairs of external institutions
The archives of Jiangsu University will undertake the entrusted certification of the national consulate, ministry of education, education development center and enterprises and institutions. Its certification content: whether the graduation certificate(diploma) is true; Whether the degree certificate is true; The record of the past years is true.

  4. Certificate of change of name and establishment of school documents (simultaneously providing Chinese and English translation services)
1). Renamed Jiangsu institute of technology documents
2). Renamed Jiangsu university of technology documents
3). Establish Jiangsu university documents

  5. 27th order Methods Of Archival Management In Colleges And Universities (see archives website) jointly issued by the Ministry Of Education and the National Archives thirty-second states: ”The university archives institution is the only institution that issues the certificate of archives.”. The archives is a statutory unit that provides the transcript of the school's graduates, and the transcript in Chinese and English version is not required to be stamped or notarized by any other unit. Put into force on September first,2008.

  6.Consultation and contact number of this service: 0511-88789893.

  Certification consulting department in China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) number:010-82379491
  Jiangsu university recruitment and employment guidance service center authentication center number:025-83335765
The person in need can contact.

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