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Required Documents for Postdoctoral Applicants
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1. Postdoctoral Application Form (Fill in the form at 中国博士后管理系统, download the finished form, print and sign on it) -- in quadruplicate

2. The assessment form of the academic department of the School that houses the post-doctoral research station (with signature of the director in charge of the station and the official seal of the School) -- in quadruplicate

3. Copy of passport-- in quadruplicate

4. Copy of PhD diploma-- in quadruplicate

5. Copy of the diploma authentication issued by a Chinese diplomatic and consular mission abroad -- in quadruplicate

6. Qualification Review Sheet-- in quadruplicate

7. Letters of recommendations from two specialists in the applicant’s research field (Letters of recommendation from the PhD supervisor and the Postdoctoral collaborator of the applicant) –one piece for each

8. Curriculum vitae—one piece

9. Certificates for your scientific achievements—one piece

J  At least one piece of the original documents need to be provided.

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