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International Collaboration Agreement Between Jiangsu University And Wayne State University
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  This Agreement is made betweenJiangsu University (hereinafter referred to asJSU) andWayne State University, USA, (hereinafter referred to as WSU) on _________(DATE). The Parties agree as follows:

  1.Agreement and Variation
  1.1.JSUand WSU wish to establish a collaborative education program defined as aTransfer Student Program(hereinafter referred to as TSP). In the TSP,qualified students enrolled atJSU, after successfully completing the first three (3) years of their undergraduate curriculum inan engineering field (i.e., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,andComputer Science), will be accepted into the appropriate department in the College of Engineering at WSU (subject to all applicable WSU College of Engineering policies of admission procedures and standards). For thefirst year at WSU, students who have successfully completed mutually approved curricula and met all the undergraduate degree requirements will be awarded theGraduation Certificate and Bachelor’s Degree of JSU. For the second year at WSU, upon successful completion of a required training curriculum, students will be awarded the Master’s degree of WSU.
  1.2.The Parties have agreed that the collaborative education program will be conducted in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.
  1.3.No agreement or understanding varying or extending this agreement shall be legally binding upon either Party unless specified in writing and signed by both Parties.Parties may agree to modify the agreement in writing to the extent that it is inconsistent. This being so, the later agreement is the one which is binding.

  2.The TSP Program
  2.1The academic program ofTSPwill be implemented and administered in two phases. During Phase I,JSUwill select students as candidates for study at WSU under theTSP,and these students will study atJSUto complete the first three (3) of a four (4) year Bachelor’s Degree program in an engineering discipline. The qualified students as recommended byJSUand evaluated and accepted by WSU in accordancewithWSU’s College of Engineering will enter Phase II of theProgram. In Phase II the students will continue their studies in an appropriate engineering discipline at WSU following the approved curricula. Each successful student will receive a Bachelor’s degreeand aGraduation Certificate fromJSUand a Master’s degree from WSU.
  2.2The collaborativeTSPwill comprise two phases:
  Phase I
  2.2.1Three years of study atJSUduring which time the students will complete required courses in an engineering discipline atJSUas well as extra English language classes and achieve the language proficiency required by WSU for entry.
  2.2.2English language proficiency for entry to WSU should be at least TOEFL 550 (or equivalent) or IELTS 6.5. The English language courses to improve language proficiency will be taught at theEnglish Language Institute at WSU. If necessary, we may require a student to take English language course at the English Language Institute. In that case, the student will receiveProvisional Admission.
  2.2.3Students who wish to proceed to Phase II will be assessed by an appropriate Graduate Admissions Committee in the College of Engineering to determine their qualification for entry to the WSU program in a manner assessed of other international students wishing to enroll at WSU. Students who maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher and/or are in the top quartile of their class during the first three (3) years of study atJSUwill be considered for admission.
  2.2.4Students who pass the assessment process in 2.2.3 and meet all requirements of Phase I will be admitted to study at WSU under theTSPwith an official admission letter to assist their application for anF-1 visa to continue their education at WSU.
  2.2.5Once the F-1 visa is issued and all WSU requirements of enrollment are satisfied, students will be permitted to enroll in the College of Engineering at WSU.
  Phase II
  2.2.6WSU will perform an assessment of all the applicants recommended byJSUat the end of Phase I and offer admission to students meeting WSU’s admission standards and the standards set forth by the College of Engineering. Students who fail the assessment or are unable to continue their studies at WSU due to their Fl visa issues or any other reasons will continue their studies atJSU.
  2.2.7After completion of Phase I and successfully obtaining an F-1 visa,students will transfer to WSU asprovisionally-admittedgraduate students under this Agreement to start Phase II.
  2.2.8Students in Phase II will be afforded all of the usualprivileges of full time international students studying at WSU in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  2.2.9Students who have successfully completed one year of mutually approved curricula and a senior research project at WSUwill be reviewed and if approved byJSUwill be awarded the Graduation Certificate and Bachelor’s Degree ofJSU.
  2.2.10Students shall receive anotification letter of their completion of their Bachelor’s Degree by JSU and JSU will forward an official copy of the letter and a transcript to the WSU Graduate Admissions office. All successfully-completed WSU course work taken during the first year at WSU may be counted toward a Master’s degree in an engineering discipline at WSU.
  2.2.11During the first year at WSU (Year 4 in the program), students are expected to complete at least 16 credit hours. Also, during the 1styear of study at WSU,students are expected to completerequired curricula and theundergraduateseniorresearch project as part ofJSUundergraduate degree requirements.
  2.2.12The second year at WSU (Year 5 in the program) students are required to complete 16 credit hours of course work OR complete 8 credit hours of course work and 8 credit hours of Master Thesis Research.

  3.The Tuition and Fees
  3.1.Student fees for Phase I studies will be established and collected byJSUand WSU shall have no claim against those fees.
  3.2.Studentsin Phase II will be responsible for all costs to study at WSU. The cost shall include travel between China and the United States, room and board, insurances and all of the prescribed fees to be collected by WSU. The base fees for Phase II are those published by WSU for International students. These fees may be adJSUsted at the sole discretion of WSU. (Please refer toAppendix Ifor estimated cost for the program).
  3.3.Qualifiedstudents in Phase II are eligible for Dean’s Merit Scholarship which will be applied towards tuition.
  3.4.JSUwill have no claim against fees collected by WSU.JSUwaives all rights tocommission on student fees paid to WSU.

  4.Term and Termination
  4.1.This Agreement commences on the date of the last signature by a Party to the Agreement. The duration of the agreement is three years.
  4.2.In the third year after commencement of the Agreement, the Parties will undertake a joint evaluation and the agreement will continue to be effective for another term of 3 years.
  4.3.Thisagreement may be terminated by a Party serving on the other Party at least 6 month’s prior written notice. If the termination date falls during a phase of the Program, the agreement will be terminated after the completion date of that phase of the Program.

  5.Controlling Laws
  5.1.Before resorting to external dispute resolution mechanisms, the Parties shall attempt to settle by negotiation any dispute in relation to this Agreement.
  5.2.At all times while WSU is to perform under this agreement WSU’s obligation shall be subject to and be controlled by the laws of the United States and the state of Michigan. The English version of this Agreement controls the performance by WSU of its obligations under this Agreement.
  5.3.At all times whileJSUis to perform under this agreementJSU’s obligation shall be subject to and be controlled by the laws of the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese version of this Agreement controls the performance byJSUof its obligations under this Agreement.
  5.4.The Agreement is written in both Chinese and English and each version shall have the same effect. Each Party shall keep the two versions for reference.

  Wayne State University:                   Jiangsu University
  Dr. Margaret E. Winters                   Professor
  Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs    VicePresident
  Wayne State University                    Jiangsu University
  Detroit, Michigan                      Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province
  U.S.A                            China
  Date:______ ______ ______                  Date:______ ______ ______

  Estimated Expensesfor the TSP*
  (Based on2014-2015 Data)
  YEAR 4
  without Scholarship withTuition Scholarship
  Fall Semester (8 Cr. Hr) $11,270 $8,270
  Winter Semester (8 Cr. Hr) $11,270 $8,270
  TOTAL Cr. Hr. Year 1 16
  TOTAL YEAR 1 (Tuition)$22,540$16,540

  Fall Semester (8 Cr. Hr) $11,270 $8,270
  Winter Semester (8 Cr. Hr) $11,270 $8,270
  TOTAL Cr. Hr. Year 2 16
  TOTAL YEAR 2 (Tuition)$22,540$16,540
  TOTAL Tuition for 2 YEARS at WSU$45,080$33080
  COST of Living on campus (room and board)$9,430per year
  Books & Supplies$1,196per year
  Miscellaneous$2,385per year
  Health Insurance$834 per year
  TOTAL for one year$13,845per year
  TOTAL for two years$27,690per two years
  TOTAL EXPENSES for 2 YEARS (tuition, room and board and health insurance)$72,770
  TOTAL EXPENSES for 2 YEARS (Dean’s Merit Scholarship for tuition,
  Room and board and health insurance)$60,770

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