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Geng GuoQing
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Geng Guoqing




Associate Chair of the Department   of Vehicle Engineering, Associate Professor/  Ph.D. / supervisor


Learning and working experience

1997-2001, Jiangsu University  undergraduate;

From 2001 to present ,Jiangsu   University  teaching and research;

2013.5-2013.8 University of Colorado   ,Denver,USA, visiting scholar;

2015.8-2016.7 Wayne State University,   Detroit,USA, visiting scholar.

Teaching courses

Automobile structure /new energy vehicle/   Automobile detection and fault diagnosis / Automotive control / Automobile   application and management / Automobile marketing / Automobile special   English

Research fields

Dynamic simulation of vehicle chassis   performance;

Advanced Driving Assistant system (ADAS)   of Intelligent vehicles and Transportation;

Four in- wheel driving electric vehicle;

Dynamic simulation of chassis performance   in hybrid electric vehicle;

Vehicle electric control steering system   / Vehicle suspentions Dynamic simulation and control

Automotive Adaptive Headlights (AFS /   ADB)Technologies and Control

Funding and projects

(1)National Natural Science   Foundation of China (NSF):Research on Manipulation Steering Mechanism and Coordinated   Control of Intelligent Vehicle Based on MAS Model. 2017,Second person,completed;

2National Natural Science   Foundation of China (NSF) Research on Energy - saving Mechanism and Coordinated Control of   E-ECHPS for Heavy-duty Vehicles.Number:51275211),2016Second   person,completed

3Jiangsu Province Six Talent   Funding Project2015-XNYQC-002):Coordinated Control of   Distributed Driving Electric Vehicle and EPS Integrationin processing

4Jiangsu Province Science and   Technology Department Achievements Transformation ProjectBR2015168):Development and   industrialization of intelligent electro hydraulic valve controlled   automotive power steering systemThe second person in charge (600,0000RMB)

5Jiangsu Province Science and   Technology Department Achievements Transformation ProjectDevelopment and   Industrialization of Electric Power Steering System for Brushless Motor Drive。(BA2010137The third person in charge600,0000RMB);

6Natural Science Foundation of   colleges and universities in JiangsuResearch on coordinated control of handling and energy saving for   new electronically controlled hydraulic steering system of commercial vehicle。(14KJB580003),in processing

7Taizhou City,   "Shuangchuang Dr." Talent Program funded projectsResearch and development of   new generation commercial vehicle electronic control hydraulic steering   systemin   processing Second   person,completed

8Jiangsu Provincial Key   Laboratory of Open FundCoordinated control of heavy duty vehicle electronic control   hydraulic steering system and vehicle based on control and energy saving。(Number:BM2008206003),in processing

9Jiangsu Provincial University   Natural Science Foundation of major basic projectsResearch on Electronic   Control Technology of Steering System for Medium and Heavy Commercial   Vehicles with Control and Energy SavingNumber:11KJA580001),Second person,completed

10Jiangsu Province Science and   Technology Department Achievements Transformation ProjectResearch and Development of   New Electric Power Steering System for Passenger Cars。(Number:JH08-21),Second person,completed

11Jiangsu Province Industry   University Research Institute joint innovation fund prospective joint   research project,(Number:BY2012173Research on Key Technologies of intelligent parking system and EPS   integrated controlMain research person,completed

12National 863 ProgramResearch and development of   small pure electric vehicle with new structure in Changan。(Number:092011AA11A222),Main person,completed

13enterprise cooperationResearch on LED module of   high efficiency and energy saving and variable temperature automobile   headlampsMain   research person,completed

14enterprise cooperationResearch on Key Technology of   New Energy Bus Powertrain SystemMain research person,completed.

Main publications

(1)Geng Guo-Qing,Wei binyuan,Jiang   Hao-bin,etc,A Strong Robust Observer of Distributed Drive Electric Vehicle   States Based on ST-ICDKF,ADVANCES IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING[J],2018 ( SCI).

2Geng Guo-QingWuzhen,Jiang   Hao-bin,etc,Study on Path Planning Method for Imitating the Lane-Changing   Operation of Excellent Drivers,APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL[J],2018 ( SCI).

3Geng GuoqingWei binyuanJianghaobinResearch on driving state   estimation of distributed drive electric vehicle based on NA-EKF [J] .   Automotive Engineering2017.

4Geng Guo-QingTang BinXu ZheDesign and Energy Saving   Analysis of Heavy-dutyVehicles ESC-HPS based on a new-type Electromagnetic   Slip Coupling.2016 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and ExpDearborn, MI, United states10.1109/ITEC.2016.7520304(EI20163208032467).

5Geng GuoqingJianghaobinModeling and performance   analysis of bypass flow control ECHPS for heavy commercial vehicles [J] .   Journal of Guangxi UniversityNatural Science Edition2014,395:971-978.

6Geng Guo-qing, Modeling and   Design of Fuzzy-Neural Network Controller of  Electric Power Steering   SystemApplied   Mechanics and Materials, 2014596):751~754(EI20143218027773).

7Geng guoqingLi Jun ,Chen lijun. Torque   distribution and coordinated control of parallel hybrid electric vehicle [J]   . Modern Manufacturing Engineering20138):119~123.

8Geng Guoqing Tang Jing , Pan Chaofeng.   Torque control of parallel hybrid electric vehicle based on super capacitor   [J] . Mechanical Design and Manufacturing20129):123~125.

9Geng Guo-qing,Design and   stabilization analysis of the parabola-type assistance characteristic of   electric power steering system, Advanced Materials Research,2013779):556~559(EI20134416915809).

10Geng Guoqing. Development of   car steering wheel skeleton [J] . Mechanical Design,20133012):47~50.

11Geng Guo-qing, Chen Long,   Jing-bo Zhao.Design of anti-disturbance H∞ controller of automotive electric   power steering system, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 201139):277~283( EI20110213567030).

12Guo-qing Geng, Hao-bin Jiang.   Modeling and characteristics research of Proportionai-Vaive Hydraulic Power   Steering of commercial vehicle. Advanced Materials Research,2013765):357~360 (EI20134116843443).

13He RenGeng Guoqing. Design and   analysis of curve assist characteristics of EPS [J] . China Mechanical   Engineering,2007,1820:2515-2518.(   EI20074710937689).

14Jiang Haobin, Tangbin,Geng   Guo-qing. Electromagnetic and Torque Characteristics of Electromagnetic Slip   Coupling Applied to Hydraulic Power Steering system for Heavy-duty Vehicles.   Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, SCI2014.

15Jiang Haobin, Tangbin,Geng   Guo-qing. Dynamics of ESC for HPS application and energy-saving   characteristics of ESC-HPS. Journal of Central South University, SCI,2014.

16Tang BinJiang HaobinChen LongGeng GuoqingOptimization of automobile   rotating valve parameters based on improved PSO algorithm [J]Journal of agricultural   machinery201546(8):319-326

17Jiang HaobinGeng XiaoqingGeng GuoqingChen LongTang BinDesign of P-ECHPS adaptive   nonsingular fast terminal sliding mode controller [J]Journal of agricultural   machinery201647(9):374-381

18Tang BinJiang HaobinChen LongGeng GuoqingSteering stability control of   E-ECHPS vehicle based on differential geometry [J]Journal of agricultural   machinery201546(12):285-293

19Jiang HaobinTang BinGeng GuoqingDesign and experiment of   Brushless DC motor power assisted EPS controllerAutomotive Engineering2011,(11):980-984(10)

20He RenGeng Guoqing. Design and analysis   of curve assist characteristics of EPS. ( EI20074710937689).

Scientific research achievements and Awards

(1)China   Hydraulic and Pneumatic Association Award ,2/9, 2017.

2China   Highway Society Science and Technology Award, First prize, 4/112012.

3China   Machinery Industry Federation of scientific and technological achievements   identification ,2/162015.

4Zhenjiang   Institute of industry and research cooperation award, Second prize, 3/52012.

5Jiangsu   Province teaching achievement award, Second prize,  5/10, 2017.

6Jiangsu   University teaching achievement award special award 5/10, 2017.

7Jiangsu   University teaching achievement award,First prize, 6/12,2015.

8Jiangsu   University teaching achievement award, Second prize, 2/6, 2013.

9Jiangsu   University teaching achievement award, Second prize,  2/6, 2011.


(1)Geng   Guoqing,Wei   Binyuan,Wang   Qitang,A lateral   stability control method of distributed drive electric vehicle based on ATSM;(Application number of   invention patent:201710324187.4)。

2Geng   GuoqingWei   BinyuanHua   YidingEstimation   algorithm for road surface adhesion of distributed drive electric vehicle   based on left inverse system;(Application number of invention patent201610998380.1)。

3Geng   GuoqingWu ZhenWang QitangInvention patentDistributed driving   automobile steering control system and method integrated with EPS;(Application number of   invention patent201710159684.3)。

4Geng   GuoqingWei   BinyuanSun LiqinA high order variable   structure control method for lateral stability of distributed drive electric   vehicle based on Grey Prediction;(Application number of invention patent201710327508.6)。

5Geng   GuoqingWu ZhenHua YidingA control method for steering   stability of distributed drive electric vehicle;(Application number of invention patent201710160258.1)。

6Geng   GuoqingJiang   HaobinChen LongAn electric bypass valve   device;(Invention   patent authorization numberZL201410613512.5)。

7Geng   GuoqingWei   BinyuanWang   QitangICDKF   based estimation algorithm for driving state parameters of distributed drive   electric vehicles;(Application number of invention patent201610998379.9)。

8Geng   GuoqingJiang   HaobinLiu TaoBooster regulating device for   hydraulic power steering gear;(Invention patent authorization numberZL201410584277.3)。

9Chen   LongGeng GuoqingJiang HaobinAn electronically controlled   hydraulic steering control device;(Invention patent authorization numberZL 201110367074.5    

10Chen   LongGeng GuoqingJiang HaobinA double solenoid valve   device;(Invention   patent authorization number ZL 201110367078.3    

11Tang   Bin Jiang HaobinGeng Guoqinglectric power steering   control system, device and method for electric vehicleInvention patent   authorization numberZL201210586215.7)。

12Hua   YidingJiang   HaobinGeng   GuoqingDistributed   drive vehicle control system and method based on Hierarchical Coordination;(Invention patent   authorization numberZL201510494019.0)。

13Tang   Bin Jiang HaobinGeng GuoqingEnergy feeding type   electromagnetic slip clutch and its control methodInvention patent   authorization number ZL201510005622.8 )。

14Hua   Yiding,Jiang Haobin,Chen Long,Geng GuoqingA man - machine - driven electric power steering   system and mode switching method;(Invention patent acceptance number201610839897.6)。

15Hua   Yiding,Jiang Haobin,Chen Long,Geng GuoqingA Method of Evaluating Manipulation Steering   Maneuverability of Intelligent Vehicle Based on Binary Semantic;(Invention patent acceptance   number201610835090.5)。

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