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He YouGuo
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He Youguo



Professional Title

Associate Professor


Automotive Engineering Research   Institute




Short Biography

Education Background

Ph.D.(2005.3-2008.3), Control   theory and control engineering, Northeastern University

M.S. ( 2002.9-2003.3) , Communication and   information system, Northeastern University

B.E.(1998.9-2002.6),   Communication engineering, Liaoning University of Technology

Working Experience

2015.3-, Associate   Professor,   Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Jiangsu University

2008.3-2015.3, Associate Professor, Faculty of   Information Engineering, Shenyang University

2000.7-2008.3, Lecturer, Department of   Electronic Engineering, Shenyang Artillery Academy

Teaching Courses

Vehicle   control system;The principle and application of single chip microcomputer; Computer application software; Modern control theory;

Research Fields

Intelligent   Atomotive; Vehicle Control System; Active safety

Selected Publications

1.   Youguo He, Chuandao Lu, Jie Shen and Chaochun Yuan. Design and analysis of   output feedback constraint control for antilock braking system based on   Burckhardt’s model[J]. Assembly Automation, 2019, 39(4): 497-513.

2. Youguo He, Chuandao Lu, Jie Shen, and Chaochun Yuan. Design   and Analysis of Output Feedback Constraint Control for Antilock Braking   System with Time-Varying Slip Ratio[J]. Mathematical Problems in Engineering,    

3. Youguo He, Chuandao Lu, Jie Shen, and Chaochun Yuan. A   second-order slip model for constraint backstepping control of antilock   braking system based on Burckhardts model[J]. International   Journal of Modelling and Simulation,  

4. Yingfeng Cai, Youguo He, Hai Wang. Pedestrian detection   algorithm in traffic scene based on weakly supervised hierarchical deep   model[J]. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 2017, 14(1)1-9


1.   Driving behavior prediction system of forward vehicle based on machine   vision, Jiangsu province "six talent peaks" high level talent   project. Project number: 2015-XNYQC-004. Period: 2015.10-2018.9.

2.   Research and application of key technologies of active safety assistant   driving system for vehicle networking, two prize of advancement of science   and technology in the Ministry of Education, 2017.2.22.

3. Research on Key Technologies of vehicle rear end early warning   system, China Intelligent Traffic Association Science and technology progress   two prize, 2016.11.3.

4. Research and application of vehicle control technology for   new energy pure electric bus, Nanjing science and technology progress two   prize, 2017.1.23.

5. Distributed intelligent nursing care system, Shenyang science   and technology progress two prize, 2016.11.22.

6. Telecontrol starting device for target of artillery sound   detection system, three prize in military science and technology progress,   2005.05.18.

7. Study on the use of eight sensor intersecting short baseline   configuration, three prize in military science and technology progress,   2002.08.30.

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