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Cao ShuChao
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Shuchao Cao



Professional Title



Traffic Engineering



Short Biography

Dr.   Shuchao Cao received his B.S. degree in 2012 from the Department of Safety   Engineering, Dalian Jiaotong University. He obtained the Ph.D. degree from   the State Key Laboratory of Fire Science, University of Science and   Technology of China in 2017. From 2015 to 2016, he studied in Juelich   Research Center, Germany, as a joint Ph.D student. Currently, he works in the   Department of Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University, China.

His research focuses on pedestrian traffic, evacuation dynamics,   crowd management, public safety etc.

Social Appointments


Physica A, Physics Letters A, Transportation Research Part A:   Policy and Practice, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, Simulation   Modelling Practice and Theory, Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and   Experiment

Teaching Courses

Traffic Safety, English in Traffic   Engineering

Research Fields

Pedestrian traffic dynamics, Traffic   safety, Pedestrian evacuation, Crowd management, Public safety

Selected Publications

1Frist author/corresponding author

[1]   S. Cao, W. Song, X. Liu, N. Mu, Simulation of pedestrian   evacuation in a room under fire emergency, Procedia Engineering, 71 (2014)   403-409. (EI)

[2]   S. Cao, W. Song, W. Lv, Z. Fang, A multi-grid model for   pedestrian evacuation in a room without visibility, Physica A, 436 (2015)   45-61. (SCI)

[3]   S. Cao, W. Song, W. Lv, Modeling pedestrian evacuation with   guiders based on a multi-grid model, Physics Letters A, 380 (2016) 540-547. (SCI)  

[4]   S. Cao, J. Zhang, D. Salden, J. Ma, Fundamental diagrams of   single-file pedestrian flow for different age groups, in: ICSI, Springer,   2016, pp. 154-161. (EI)

[5]   S. Cao, J. Zhang, D. Salden, J. Ma, C.a. Shi, R. Zhang,   Pedestrian dynamics in single-file movement of crowd with different age   compositions, Physical Review E, 94 (2016) 012312. (SCI)

[6]   S. Cao, A. Seyfried, J. Zhang, S. Holl, W. Song. Fundamental   diagrams for multidirectional pedestrian flows, Journal of Statistical   Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, (2017) 033404. (SCI)

[7]   S. Cao, J. Zhang, W. Song, et al. The stepping behavior   analysis of pedestrians from different age groups via a single-file experiment,   Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, (2018) 033402. (SCI)

[8]   S. Cao, L. Fu, W. Song, Exit selection and pedestrian movement   in a room with two exits under fire emergency, Applied Mathematics and   Computation, 332 (2018) 136-147. (SCI)

[9]   S. Cao, L. Lian, M. Chen, et al. Investigation of difference of   fundamental diagrams in pedestrian flow, Physica A, 506 (2018) 661-670. (SCI)

[10]   S. Cao, L. Fu, P. Wang, et al. Experimental and modeling study   on evacuation under good and limited visibility in a supermarket, Fire Safety   Journal 102 (2018) 27-36. (SCI)

[11]   S. Cao, P. Wang, M. Yao, W. Song. Dynamic analysis of   pedestrian movement in single-file experiment under limited visibility,   Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 69 (2018)   329-342. (SCI)

[12]   J. Zhang, S. Cao*, D. Salden, J. Ma, Homogeneity and   activeness of crowd on aged pedestrian dynamics, Procedia Computer Science,   83 (2016) 361-368. (EI)

[13]   P. Wang, S. Cao*, Simulation of pedestrian   evacuation strategies under limited visibility, Physics Letters A,

[14]   曹淑超, 宋卫国. 视野受限情况下单列行人运动实验研究. 中国科技论文在线, (2017)


[1]   G. Zeng, S. Cao, et al. Experimental and modelling study on   relation of pedestrian step length and frequency under different headways,   Physica A, 500 (2018) 237-248. (SCI)

[2]   S. Wang, S. Cao, Q. Wang, L. Lian, W. Song, Effect of exit   locations on ants escaping a two-exit room stressed with repellent, Physica   A, 457 (2016) 239-254. (SCI)

[3]   L. Fu, S. Cao, W. Song, J. Fang, The influence of emergency   signage on building evacuation behavior: An experimental study. Fire and   Materials, (2018) 1-12. (SCI)

[4]   J. Zhang, S. Cao, Armin Seyfried, Properties of pedestrian   movement at signalized crosswalk, in: Proceedings of the 8th International   Conference on Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, pp. 126-130.

[5]   L. Fu, S. Cao, J. Fang, An Extended Model for Simulation of   Mexican Wave, Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on   Algorithms, Computing and Systems, pp. 223-226.

[6]   L. Fu, J. Fang, S. Cao, et al. A cellular automaton model for   exit selection behavior simulation during evacuation processes, Procedia   Engineering, 211 (2018) 169-175. (EI)

[7]   N. Mu, W. Song, X. Qi, W. Lu, S. Cao, Simulation of evacuation   in a twin bore tunnel: Analysis of evacuation time and egress selection,   Procedia Engineering, 71 (2014) 333-342. (EI)

[8]   Y. Zeng, W. Song, F. Huo, Z. Fang, S. Cao, G. Vizzari, Effects   of initial distribution ratio and illumination on merging behaviors during   high-rise stair descent process, Fire technology, 54 (5), 1095-1112. (SCI)

[9]   F. Huo, W. Song, X. Liu, S. Cao, Y. Zeng, K. Liew, Experimental   Study on Children Movement in a Stairwell of a Teaching Building, Civil   Engineering and Architecture 3 (2015) 2: 31-37.

[10]   J. Zhang, Q. Wang, Y. Hu, S. Cao, L. Xia, W. Song, The effect   of a directional split flow ratio on bidirectional pedestrian streams at   signalized crosswalks, Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and   Experiment 2018 (7), 073408 (SCI)


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