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l  Department of Power Machinery and Engineering

The discipline has 31 staff members, including 8 doctorate instructors, 9 professors and 12 associate professors. All the teachers have strong strength. The age structure of the team is reasonable. The record of formal schooling and title level of them are higher. All of them have excellent traditional teaching ability and rich teaching experiences. The government fund issues and enterprise entrusts scientific research projects all the teachers undertake are more than 20 every year. The research funds are more than 2 million. The Thermal Energy and Power Engineering (Dynamic Mechanical Engineering and Automation) is the characteristic major in Jiangsu province. The major has a mature and integrity teaching system and they insist on constant innovation. Moreover, the ability of scientific research and the teaching facilities conditions are in the forefront of the same kind in China. The related research institutions include small and medium-sized power engine engineering research center in Jiangsu province and automobile engine emission institute (laboratory) in Jiangsu University.

There are 260 undergraduates studying in this major now. Based on the key subject-power machinery and engineering doctoral program in Jiangsu province, the department has more than 100 doctors and masters enrolled. The undergraduate and graduate students are well received in the domestic automobile and engine enterprise and scientific research colleges and in short supply. They make great contribution to the development of the internal combustion engine industry and the car industry for our country.



l  Department of Transportation Engineering

The department of transportation engineering now has 21 faculty members including 9 doctorial supervisors and 10 professors, and more than 80% are doctoral degree holders or Ph.D. candidates. The teaching staff of the department has good age structure, high education background, excellent teaching style and strong teamwork sprit.

The department of transportation engineering is affiliated with the State-level Key Discipline of Vehicle Operation Engineering (Foster) and the Key Laboratories for New Technology of Vehicle Operation Engineering in Jiangsuprovince. The research domains of the department include the theory of vehicle dynamics and control, the simulation and control of vehicle dynamics performance, the control technology of energy conservation and emission reduction for vehicles, the logistics technology for vehicle operations management, traffic information engineering and control, transportation system safety and intelligent control. In recent years, the department has undertaken a lot of national, ministerial or municipal research projects and achieved plentiful research results. Most of the completed projects have reached domestic leading level.

At present the department runs two doctoral programs (Traffic Information Engineering & Control and Vehicle Operation Engineering) and has over 80 doctoral and postgraduate students and also has 250 undergraduate students. Over the past decade, based on the specialized talents training system featuring vehicle application and logistics engineering as well as the matching experiment teaching conditions, the department has produced specialists in various fields including vehicle application and management logistics system planning and design, and so on.



l  Department of Vehicle Engineering

The history of the automotive engineering can be traced back to 1958. Over the past several decades, the Department of Vehicle Engineering has played an important part in higher education and automotive industry in Eastern China. The department seeks to advance science and technology in the automobile industry through integration of fundamental professional knowledge and its application in automotive engineering. The department currently has 37 faculty and staff members,including 15 doctorate instructors, 10 professors and 15 associate professors.

Apart from normal teaching responsibilities, the department has also successively undertaken over 200 scientific research programs and school-enterprise cooperation projects, mainly financed by the National Natural Science Fund of China, the National 863 (high-tech research and development) program, the Natural Sciences Fund of Jiangsu Province and many enterprises as well. Endowed with a pleasant climate, picturesque surroundings and a favorable academic atmosphere, both teachers and students are actively engaged in many scientific research programs. With the combined endeavor of all faculty and students, great achievements have been made on many projects and we are looking forward to more and better.

Believing that high-level education is our original purpose, the Department of Automotive Engineering has always sought to exhibit the highest standards of quality teaching and deliver the best learning opportunities to our students, aiming at cultivation of innovative thoughts, scientific attitudes and practical ability in students. The professional curriculum is based on that belief, both in its structure and organization and its methods of facilitating student learning. Students graduated from the school have a wide range of knowledge and high quality. Since its establishment, the students have enjoyed a reputation from the society and the employers.



l  Department of Traffic Engineering 

The Department of Traffic Engineering has fourteen full-time faculty members dedicated to the education of more than 200 undergraduate students and 50 graduate students. The department provides a high-quality education combining fundamental science with modern engineering to address societal needs. The education offers a broad foundation in traffic engineering and the opportunity to pursue areas of specialization.

The department offers B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in traffic engineering. Through these degree programs, research, and professional activities, the department pursues its mission of life-long development, instilling a sense of professional responsibility, and serving the society. They also strive to promote teamwork, and value integrity and honesty in all efforts.

Career opportunities are very strong because of the many pressing needs to improve and expand the infrastructure and make the traffic environment better. Approximately one-quarter of our undergraduates pursue graduate education, one of the highest proportions in the School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering.

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